Bitcoin high flight continues – 60.000 dollar brand in sight

Bitcoin high flight continues - $ 60,000 mark in the sights

The rally in most cryptovia has continued on the weekend. So the bitcoin course rose to over 57 on sunday afternoon.800 dollars. He was again more expensive than with his youngest high of saturday. Most recently, the most famous and most important cryptay food cost on the trading platform bitstamp with around 57.200 dollars a little less, but was still about the level of friday and continues the brand of 60.000 dollars in the sight. For the weekly, the bitcoin was for the first time more than 55.000 dollar value and crashed the brand of a trillion dollar in the entire market capitalization.

Share of the bitcoin dropped to the overall market

In the wake of the long flight lasting for weeks and months, the courses also attract many other digital foods like etheremum, binance coin or polkadot. For this reason, the proportion of the bitcoin has fallen slightly in the overall market of cryptovals despite the massive price gains last somewhat. According to a list of coinmarketcap, this last was only slightly more than 60 percent, after a little more than 70 percent ago,. A unity of etherum, the second most important cryptography, was on saturday for the first time more than 2.000 dollar value.

The bitcoin has been back on a high flight since autumn last year. So the course had just at 10 in october.000 dollar located before he then on more than 20 in mid-december.000 dollar rose. In early january, he then crossed the brands of 30 within a few days.000 dollars and 40.000 dollars. After a consolidation phase until early february, it has been steadily up to date. Last week, the bitcoin was for the first time more than 50.000 dollar value.

Tweets of musk

On friday, the iridescent multimilliardar and tesla boss elon musk had taken on friday. On twitter he wrote why cryptovascuses are preferable from his point of view traditional preservation. If convicted surfs are occupied with negative real interest rates, only one fool was not looked up otherwise, wrote musk. He replaced the loss of having to accept many investors in the face of extremely low interest rates and taking into account the inflation.

That the bitcoin reacts to tweets from musk is not new. The tesla boss is a confessing crypto-fan and aubert is lively on the topic, mostly via the news service twitter. Unleggest had become known that the electric car manufacturer tesla has invested a billions in bitcoin and wants to accept the internet food for the art. This has given the bitcoin an additional boost.

Fear of investors to miss something

After consultation of expert timo emden by emden research, many reason for the house is currently talking to the digital foods. "Not only musk was allowed to play a crucial role", he wrote in a market assessment. The rally will also be driven by the fear of investors to miss something. "Especially private investors were allowed to jump into the market in the past few hours." the climbing job seems to run out of the rudder.