Can bus driving

Can bus driving

Munich, 22. July 2015 – a vulnerability in the infotainment system allowed security researchers to take control of a jeep – via the internet. Other models of the fiat chrysler group may be affected. A first update provides a remedy.

Fiat chrysler’s uconnect infotainment system is said to contain a critical vulnerability that could allow an attacker to remotely control the equipped vehicle via the internet. Security researchers charlie miller and chris valasek have apparently succeeded in accessing the diagnostic interface (can bus) of some vehicle models via the network.

Driven into the ditch

This gave them remote control over brakes, acceleration, door locks, air conditioning and windshield wipers, among other things. In reverse gear, even the steering wheel is said to be remotely controllable. In addition, it is said to be possible to determine the exact whereabouts of the affected vehicles without the consent of the vehicle owner. The researchers demonstrated this to wired using a jeep cherokee, whose initiated driver gradually lost control of the vehicle. Eventually, the compromised vehicle ended up in a ditch.

The uconnect system in the car is connected to the internet in the u.S. Via the mobile phone provider sprint. To access it, the two security researchers also had to connect to sprint.