Conflicts of interest for the new media giant

Aol-time warner latently supports now also the weapon industry

After the merger of aol and time warner, the announcement of another merger between aol-time warner and emi (which also owns a large part of the hmv chain) reveals new conflicts of interest for the emerging media giant.

Aol-time warner jerks with emi to the second-biggest music producer behind sony, but how aol in its on-line portal with the distribution of music is to advance, is still unclear. On the one hand mp3 and several streamingverfahren place themselves by the many different co-operation partners into the way, on the other hand it does not make itself also after own opinion well, if in the aol tv only one tv or film offerer were merged. Aol also has partners like cnn or bloomberg tv among them.

Another dilemma is the predominantly critical attitude of the print media, which see the expansion of the media group as a monopolistic encroachment on the independent press and a decline in investigative journalism. Now it could be speculated that when reporting on global trouble spots, a subcontractor of emi will certainly keep an eye open, because the record company still includes, albeit more independently held, thorn emi, which also manufactures weapons.

The bifurcation will also be interesting for the anti-trust case against microsoft. Judge penfield jackson will have to think long and hard about whether he can keep his eye on the state of affairs two years ago in the event of a planned breakup of microsoft, or whether he will have to look ahead. One of the plaintiffs against microsoft was aol, who complained that the interconnection of browser and operating system was too monopolistic and technically questionable. On the subject of the technical merger of the two entities, a lot of evidence has been compiled to question microsoft’s claimed need for the innovation. In the meantime, netscape, the former opponent of explorer, also belongs to aol. It remains to be seen which consortium will soon file a lawsuit against aol in which field of interest. From media associations to cell phone manufacturers, the bandwidth is broadly fanatical for a wide variety of reasons.