Dicker’s all-purpose block

Dicker's all-purpose block

Koln, 23. October 2014 – the new drive-e motor series should associate with volvo by downsizing effects increased performance with efficiency. All aggregates have four cylinders and two liters of displacement. They are based – no matter which burning process – on a common, identical aluminum engine block and many shares. We were able to drive the v40 d4 with the new drive-e-self-toe.

With the new two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, the volvo v40 is as a t5 variant. The top model marks with 245 hp the power top in the v40. Now the compact volvo has received the general purpose block as a self-cord. He comes with turbocharging turbocharger on a capacity of 190 hp and 400 nm maximum torque. Force in the lower speed range brings a small, fast-reactive loader. Dam turns a coarse with a long breath. Further peculiarity: instead of a single print feeler in the fuel line, every injection duse over its own sensor.

The v40 comes with his kilos quite well

The effect of the register recharge is considerable. In just 7.2 seconds, the v40 d4 exceeds the 100 km / h brand, at 230 km / h is corrected. Gluck socks also generates the acceleration of the new eight-speed transformer automatic transmission of the japanese-american supplier aisin, which eliminates quickly and precise the right driving steps. So you are always on the low speed and pleasantly quiet in normal driving style. For sporty gait, the transmission lets the engine up up to 5000 / min, including energetic rushors. Volvo gives a consumption of 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers for the new combination. We reached 5.8 liters according to a manner of the driving technique. After 100 fleet motorway kilometers with high-speed deposits, it was just 7.4 liters.

With 1.6 tonnes, the swedish golf competitor is around 200 kilograms of the weight of his wolfsburg counterparts, a 5 bmw with a two-liter diesel engine is only about 80 kilograms heavier than the v40 d4. After all, the v40 itself comes well in fleets cornering very well with his kilos. Thus, when the front truck brakes, there is a deep, unsporting understeer thanks to well-coordinated suspension but in narrow limits.