Driving report mercedes x 250d 4matic

The mercedes pickup shares architecture with the nissan navara, but the mercedes designer has waved the optics of the x-class. "I said i need a rich width", explains designer kai sieber. Thus, the mercedes pickup became seven centimeters wider than the nissan navara and also the body design differs significantly. That could certainly be crucial for the targeted lifestyle clientele.

Like the nissan navara, the x-class also has a lead frame and a star-axis rear, which supplies good ride comfort with coil springs and multi-link connection – in any case compared with the otherwise leaf springs. The steering is surprisingly lightweight, but offers little jerking message. In the external damnation, the mercedes engineers placed one thing on it, which leads to a pleasant peace in the doublecab cabin (four tensen and ruckbank). The 190 hp four-cylinder diesel from nissan with 2.3 liters displacement is also precluded in forced motorway speed.

So you will not get first at the construction site

This also applies to the temperament. Until a kickdown at 60 km / h is waiting for a few seconds, before the self-toe with high speeds and howls puts in the stuff. Dynamics fails differently, the 450 nm, which are between 1500 and 2500 tours, you spurt so hardly. The seven-range automatic from the original nissan model is apparently tailored to traction-based driving (with pendant or in the field). It robs the pickup on the strain that in the face of the paper values actually expectible temperament.

When accelerating from the stand is reached after 11.9 seconds of land trunk tempo and at 175 km / h of the propulsion. In the test rides, the on-board computer indicated an average consumption of 8.4 liters, which is comparatively close to the specified value of 7.9 liters. The relaxed departure with a light gas fuvube is the strong of the x-class 250d 4matic, just as the mercedes pickup is a global car and in most regions is not as tempo as in this country.

Only later attracts more daimler into the x-class

You can order the x-class with standard drive. If you order a four-wheel drive, you have to activate it with a rotary switch if necessary. "The pickup customers wish this manual switching", explains dr. Marion friese, marketing manager at mercedes-benz vans. A surprising explanation in view of the coming model with daimler’s permanent four-wheel drive: mid to the next year, with version 350d 4matic, a variant is offered, which is tailored to the german taste: permanent all-wheel drive, torque vectoring, three-liter six-cylinder 258 hp and 550 nm with mercedes’s own seven-scale automatic ("7g-tronic"). That should be sufficient to a much more energetic approach.

In the assistance systems, the x-class offers a lot in terms of standard of the pickup segment, including a 360 degree surround camera, a tracking and traffic sign wizard and led light. However, a deadwinkel assistant is missing, which would be helpful in such a vehicle.

In the interior, the chamber of mercedes designers is visible to the premium claim to meet, at least in the well-equipped versions: the dashboard is overrun with leather and the coarse frame clip on the center console is made of aluminum. In the rear is the headroom for adults beyond a body bores of 1.85 meters. In addition, the steering panels is not adjustable in the long. Mercedes renounces "in favor of a balanced price-performance ratio," said developer franky schumacher.

This brings us to the prices: the x-class 220d with 163 hp and manual six-speed circuit costs 37.295 euros and the dangerous mercedes x-class 250d 4matic is not under 41.To have 781 euros. For comparison: the nissan navara costs in comparable version as "double cab 4×4 2.3l dci" with 190 hp and seven-speed automatic transmission 39.765 euros