Driving report vw e-golf 2017

As volkswagen your model car "i.D." imagined, which briefly made the round to forgot two days later, the ag had a real serial car almost finished: an update of her e-golf. This car i recommended interested parties of electric cars with vw logo on it then, because firstly, it was possible to buy it other than the model car soon and secondly all signs were for that the car became good.

My "sign" almost all come from experiences with the transaction version of this drive in e-golf and e-up. Although the cars do not look especially after electrocompetence, volkswagen managed to build the drive with which it was most easy to drive in the competitive environment. The automatic electoral lever worked the wolfsburg here around a control unit for the electric brake (recuperation). Printed on the left and right switches the lever three stages of the recuperation to be used in the rolled-in rolls when rolled by the pedal: from free sailing (1) to pretty strong braking (3). A prere back switches the electrical brake to the maximum (b mode). So, for example, as a truck retarder on steep runs, it can be used to save the disc brakes while loading the battery at the same time.

In the larger, more expensive e-golf, volkswagen also installed more detailed cards, which has more complex software access. Specifically, the map material knows in many places the topography of the straws and the tempomat attacks as long as a programmed route is driven. Even slower to be moving places like roundabouts are marked, if not everyone. The update builds on these virtues. Above all, it also makes you accessing motorists who know little about how they should drive their new e-car most efficient. Very eagerly the two oko modes also give travel tips on the tacho unit.

Care for all

So if a former tdi driver does not set anything and easy to get in an e-golf, the car makes most of the most correct. The default was at least with us level 1 of the electric brake. Thus, the car slides remarkably resistance arm. After a reputation, the car does not slower on level 1, but let the car run with the collected momentum. However, if it goes downhill, the electric brake also switches to level 1, so that the speed at least does not increase. Also in the direction of roundabouts, she automatically switches to. These are behaviors with which more experienced e-drivers also save electricity.