Funken flight on mars: ingenuity and perseverance now together

Funken flight on Mars: Ingenuity and Perseverance now together

The small nasa helicopter ingenuity is supposed to make his first flight on the day, after which he will not return to the starting point. Instead, he should fly more than 100 meters in that direction, which also succumbed to the rover perseverance and show to what extent he can help.

The helicopter has proved to be significantly more robust than hoped, the nasa engineer josh ravich is now looking forward to the blog entry in which he introduces the plan. For ingenuity, it will be the fun flight on mars. He had been postponed after the mission of the mission.

"Successful success"

Ingenuity was merely a technical demonstration and thus such a thorough success, as with the us space agency hb. First of all, he should only prove that an accessory in the much dunner atmosphere of the red planet can highlight and fly autonomously. For a direct control from the earth, the signal lives are far too long. After a small delay in the beginning, that then worked quite smoothly and ingenuity raised a total of four times. Thereafter, the nominal missionary time ran, but ingenuity’s mission has been demeaned. While the focus of the us space agency moves back to the protagonist perseverance, ingenuity is to accompany it and with its pictures from the high support.

On friday morning marszeit (19:26 mesz) ingenuity should now take off again and rise to a high of fun meters. Then he should take the same direction as at his fourth flight and 129 meters far fly to suden. But he should not reverse it, but rise to 10 meters high, make some photos and then land. So he has already explored the landing location and the responsible persons are convinced that there is flat enough there. If he stands, perseverance can also be on the way. The helicopter must hold on to the rover, because the, for example, serves as relay for data transmission to the earth. In addition, perseverance with its cameras can check the status of ingenuity.

Funken flight on Mars: Ingenuity and Perseverance now together

Ingenuities shade during the fourth flight

With the flight begins for the mission of perseverance a new phase and for the first time, two hazards will be on another planet. Originally provided that the rover ingenuity is backed up after its test fluxes to devote itself to the actual mission. He should search in a former riverbed after possible traces of a former living thing. Now he is supported by ingenuity. The rover and his companion should now work along one kilometer long rock formation. Ingenuity is intended to pick up the research of perseverance possible little states and only every few weeks. At the end of august it will then be a conclusion, then the time is imminent in which no communication with the earth is possible.