Gaming monitor raptor 27: razers first display in germany available

Gaming Monitor Raptor 27: Razers First display in Germany available

At the beginning of 2019 at the it trade fair ces presented and brought past autumn to us trade, now also available in germany: razer sells its first desktop monitor raptor 27.

The specifications of razers raptor 27 acknowledge those many other gaming displays: 2560 × 1440 pixels (wqhd) to 27 inch diagonal, ips technology, up to 144 hertz image repeat rate and a typical brightness of 400 cd / m². While most manufacturers set on panels from au optronics, razer apparently installs one of innolux. The display processes 10 bits per color channel (8-bit + frame rate control, frc) and covers the dci-p3 color space to 95 percent.

Using adaptive sync, graphics cards can dynamically adjust the refresh rate between 48 and 144 hertz. Amd’s freesync works on both displayport 1.4 and hdmi 2.0, nvidias g-sync compatible exclusively via displayport 1.4. A usb-c input takes a dp-1.4-signal and transfers data from the usb hub (twice 3.2 gene 1 type a with 5 gbit / s) to the pc.

Razer raptor 27

Monitor as a table

Apparely, the wide stapler, the enclosed cable fuses are contained and a horizontal inclination of the display. The whole is made of aluminum, with a fabric reverse on the monitor print side.

First german handlers sell razers raptor 27 for around 800 euros. Other monitors with similar specifications are clearly favorable: filters in the price comparison according to wqhd resolution, ips or va panel, 144 hertz and 95 percent dci-p3 color space cover, obtain results from around 300 euros. 27-zoller with these specifications cost at least 360 euros.