Mercedes: bus with electric drive goes into series

Mercedes: bus with electric drive goes into series

Daimler expects that by 2030, about three quarters of all city buses in europe have an alternative drive. Now the consolidated bus division wants to test the first fully electric version of the bus "citaro" in a customer’s use in a few months. Cooperation partners dafur are the public transport companies rhein-neckar. At the end of the year, the electrical citaro should then go into production. It is built in the evobus plant mannheim, where he was developed.

"Daimler buses now concrete the age of the electric mobility," said bus boss hartmut schick on monday in stuttgart. Possible criticism that the group could have long been used, he had back. "We had clearly set our priorities: we bring our electric bus as possible as possible on the strain. But we do not do this overstream. He should be mature and powerful."

In addition, the use is more complex than at the city bus with internal combustion engine, such as gustav’s showers, developing the bus division, explains. "It is impossible to replace the internal combustion engine from today to tomorrow through a fully electric drive."On the other hand, the costs and the enrolled range of e-buses, the expensive power supply, also spoke, but also the necessary workshop rust. "E-mobilitat is called to think completely new with opnv with buses."

During the development of timetables, cycle times and operations, energy management and charging infrastructure, daimler is planning to support customers with advice. "If a transport company liked its fleet completely electrifying, this is a complicated procedure in all operations and takes several years," says helmut schick. After the series start in the mannheim evobus plant at the end of the year, one will see how the demand developed by the fully electric citaro. "Depending on it we drive up the production."

The entire bus division of daimler has grown strongly last year: with 28.700 vehicles sold rose by nine percent. Even for the current year, bus boss will be aware of further growth. In families like turkey and india, where the business weakened last year, you expect growth again.