Nissan nuvu: electric small car studie for the grobstadt

Nissan nuvu: electric small car studie for the grobstadt

Paris (france), 3. October 2008 – nissan wants to prove his expertise with the study of nuvu in environmental contracts in metropolitan areas. World premiere has the little one with the ball eyes on the paris motor show, the 4. Until 19. October 2008 furs audience is open.

Automobile future for grobstadte

The three-meter long nuvu (say: new view) is designed as a 2 + 1 seater. It tags nissan’s vision of a city car in 2015. In the cityflitzer with electric motor, the developers connect well-known in emotionally appealing design: so the cart gets a glass roof with integrated solar cells. Like the blatter shaped a branch, forward the generated current to the lithium-ion battery in the car floor. The connecting cables run across the interior through a so-called "energy tree trunk".

120 km / h top

With full energy storage you come according to the manufacturer approximately 125 kilometers far. The highest speed is 120 km / h. In addition to the charging by solar cells, there is also the possibility to pinch the car to a stretch outlet. In fast load mode, the nuvu is to be 10 to 20 minutes charging time for a short distance. However, a complete charge of the battery takes between three and four hours.

Own platform

In the development of the nuvu, the designers put particular importance to low energy consumption – for example by led light and okological contractuality. In the interior, as far as mogs organic or recycled materials were processed. The small japanese has two full seats as well as a third place that can be folded out when needed. The platform with a wheelbase of 1.98 meters has been specially tailored to the small car.