Peugeot 407 “navteq on board”: upgraded special model

Peugeot 407 'navteq on board': upgraded special model

Saarbrucken, 22. January 2009 – peugeot evaluates its middle class and now offers the 407 and the 407 sw as a special model "navteq on board" on the equipment line tendance. Recent extra in the edition model: the audio navigation system wip nav with seven inches coarse display.

Alus and black upholstery seats

The system has a tmc receptionist for the traffic traffic experience. The digital strain cards for europe are deposited on an sd card. In addition, wip nav offers a mp3-knowledge audio system, a cinch input for external mp3 players and a bluetooth handsfree. The point of view, which includes a rain and a light sensor and a parking aid on the front and back, is also ex works on board. The 16 inches of coarse alloy wheels "quasar" and the upholstery "figue black" should the special model be upgraded.

2.0 hdi fap with 140 hp: already euro 5

The peugeot 407 navteq on board is offered in two motorized versions: as 1.8-liter gasoline with 125 hp and as two liter diesel with 140 hp. The diesel engine already involves the exhaust standard euro 5. As a four-star sedan, the 407 navteq on board is as a gasoline from 23.650 euros conservationally, the diesel costs 26.950 euros. The station wagon 407 sw costs 800 euros more than the limousine. The additional standard equipment should offer a price advantage of 1580 euros.