Privacy policy uber microsoft office 365

Privacy Policy Uber Microsoft Office 365

From the beginning, from the beginning, the data protection conference of the federation and lermen (dsk), which microsoft office 365 is currently not used to legally compliant, ensures for vortex: the state data protection officers of bavaria, baden-wurttemberg, hesse and saarland and the bavarian state office for privacy supervision, which is stated for microsoft germany, do not leave a good hair at the decision not helped by you.

It gives birth "significant data protection potential for improvement" in the package for burosoftware with word, excel and powerpoint, emphasize funf officers in a joint explanation of friday. For example, this once again demonstrates the judgment of the european court of justice (ecj) against the privacy shield, after which the transfer of personal data into the us based on the previously used legal instruments is no longer possible without further ado.

Overall rating "uniformly"

The group is therefore supported "in principle the objectives of the working group" the dsk to office 365, "insofar as it is approaches for data protection improvements in the product" formulate. But you could not share its overall rating, "because they fail to undifferentiated".

The rhineland-palatinate data protection officer dieter kugelmann had on wednesday from one "leading rating" the office suite spoke on the basis of a corresponding position paper of the working group administration of the dsk, which the committee now "majority noticed" have. Its result is that on the basis of the order processing documents from microsoft from january 2020 "no privacy use of microsoft office 365" be possible.

The paper itself has the dsk, which is currently deriving the sachsian privacy worker, has not been published against its practices. Specifically, the committees of the panel reviewed the online service terms (east) of office 365 and the privacy policy for microsoft-online services (data processing addendum – dpa) and falled its judgment on the 15. July.

The working group has its analysis "made on the basis of contractual provisions, which microsoft has already worked twice", now throw the funf internal critics. He has also not taken into consideration the striking ecj decision.

Just scared majority

The acceptance of the position paper by the dsk took place with a narrow majority of nine to eight votes. In advance, it has become known that inspectors from bavaria in a round email formulations of the working group referred to as legally fragmented and pronounced himself against the publication of the association. According to information from our site, the baden-wurttemberg data protection officer stefan brink meanwhile urged to examine the tenor of the opinion.

Together, the funf are underline now that they are the evaluation of the working group "as a relevant working basis, but not yet considered decision-making" had. The more, "as so far no formal hearing of microsoft" this was done. This property "to a fair, constitutional procedure".

All the more the group of the sadial representatives welcomes that the dsk unanimously used a new working group that "temporarily, talking to the manufacturer". Target is it, promptly in a constructive dialogue" sustainable data protection corrections to achieve.

The persistent of freshly enhanced schleswig-holstein data protection officer marit hansen says that the scarce voting result in the dsk "no sign for a cleavage" may be. It ubten all the criticism in the matter. "However, you may have more desires to the elaboration or the way to achieve changes in vendors", said hansen opposite our site. Decisive that "promptly at the topic" and practicable solutions.

"The privacy of our customers has top prioritat for microsoft", explained a spokeswoman of the group. The company has been informed that the dsk office 365 has discussed on its youngest meeting. But you continue to ame that the software package "in accordance with applicable data protection law" kink. Microsoft endowed "cooperation with the working group from the behavior on federal and land level, to discuss questions and concerns together and to develop solutions".

More open source

In a resolution, the dsk meanwhile also faces the digital sovereignty of public administration and therefore stimulates to use alternative software products as well as open source programs. Charging "the independence of the public management of dominant software providers are permanently ensured". Confederation, landers and municipalities call for inspectors to use only such hardware and software in the long term, which deposit the person responsible for the lovely and complete control over the information technology they used.