Professional book: “automotor design and technology”

Professional book: 'automotor design and technology'

In the emotional perception of automobiles, the design plays an important role. For the buyer, it is often the crucial purchase criterion, especially if the incident properties such as consumption, performance or chassis qualitats differ little.

Form follows function
what is less aware of many car ports: on automotive signers a high prere, because their designs should not only meet the taste of the customers, they also need to take technical requirements, of which there are far more than in early years. Properties such as aerodynamics, crash safety or fibruct protection set limits that no designer can be removed. The times have been passed by, in which one could shape a car to their heart’s content – usually the opposite is the case: in many cases, the automotive developers try to design an automobile "from the outside", dictated by technical requirements and value.

The daily work of the designer
"automotype design and technology" shows that design and construction canceled and a car can only be created in cooperation between designers and engineers. The publishers hans-hermann braess and ulrich seiffert, both of them from engineers, have compiled contributions from various authors, including designers like chris bangle and giorgetto giugiaro. They deal with milestones of the above 120-year-old automotive history, with basic questions of design and technology as well as the meaning of the design for the customer. In the second chapter, the designers come gross automakers have their say. You tell it from their daily work and the requirements for the design of a vehicle. A final chapter deepened sub-areas such as aerodynamics and ergonomics, colors, glazing and lighting or computer-aided design methods.