“Space hero”: per reality tv to the international room station

A group of us producers has booked a flight to the international room station iss for the year 2023, which the winner or the winner of a planned competition should compete in reality tv. This reports the us media magazine deadline, citing the company space hero, which is behind the production of the same name. The first commercial passenger flight to the iss a few months ago, the possibility has opened them to implement a prepared idea for years. It should go around the big price that has ever been played in a tv program.

Realiyt tv for the whole world

Like deadline, space hero’s leaders are planning a reality tv show of the same name to fill the now booked place in a spaceship to the iss. The participants should therefore come from all over the world to be different origin and one "deep love for the exploration of space" share. They should train before the camera and master sports, mental and emotional challenges. The aim is therefore a concentrationally broadcast final at the same time, in which spectators can vote worldwide, who is allowed to fly to the iss. The start should then be transferred as well as the ten days on board with the remaining astro and cosmonauts.

The flight was booked accordingly at axiom, but against cnbc explained the company that is not yet fixed, with which spaceship it should go to the iss. Although spacex has already brought astronauts to iss and back, boeing is in the starting pages to create that as well. None of the companies involved in the planned series has publicly made how much the flight will cost, but cnbc has comparative values that would probably pay at least $ 50 million for the flight. For the stay on the iss, nasa was once again 350.Get 000 us dollars, so the news channel.

Many (unsuccessful) leaders

How deadline still writes, is not the first attempt to put a television program with a similar price to the legs – not even the first attempt of this group. Space hero was founded after 2008, the then pursued concept was dropped in view of the end of the space shuttle program. Only with the preparations of spacex and boeing it has been highlighted again. For other series concepts, in addition to the iss, which even intended for me. The failed project of mars one should also be accompanied by cameras.