The bride of allah and her hidden networks

The Brew of Allah and its Hidden Networks

Destroyed is-"capital" rakka. Image: voa / public domain

Women in fundamental islamic communities: syria homecomers likely to become a gross social problem in 2018

The year 2017 is not yet over, the new year’s eve, which will probably be turbulent this year as well (not only) in koln, is still to come, the media outlets are working on the year’s reviews, the new year’s speech of the federal chief executive may not even be written yet – nevertheless, one topic is already certain that will occupy not only the media, but also politics, the judiciary, the police, the secret services and possibly armies of psychologists and social workers in the coming year: salafist women and their children.

Those that communities while their husbands and brothers are in prison or have joined the jihad in syria; and those who followed them there, and now that the is is losing land, want to return – or have already returned – to germany.

This refers to women in the orthodox islamic milieu that dominated life in the time of the prophet muhammad around 1.400 years and is ready to implement this idea even with brute force. That milieu, which codes mainly young people with supposedly harmless actions such as the distribution of korans in german city centers, in order to win them over to the is "true doctrine" and to inspire the jihad, the fight for this true doctrine, in the is caliphate in syria and to realize their departure.

According to the federal office for the protection of the constitution (bfv), about 930, mostly young people, have left the country for the is caliphate since 2012. 20% of those who left the country were female, that is almost 200 girls and young women who went home to allah’s kingdom.

Women’s networks operate more openly and at the same time more covertly

This alone should have made the responsible authorities suspicious – but the problem was largely ignored. After is more or less lost its base in syria, allah’s brides wanted to return to germany. No one knows exactly how to deal with these young women, often mothers of several children. Nevertheless, the problem has been largely swept under the rug so far.

Until the north rhine-westphalia state office for the protection of the constitution (lfv) came up with a piece of news that is hardly surprising: in these salafist networks, women play a greater role than has previously been noted. Women’s networks work more openly and at the same time more covertly than men’s networks, because they cleverly exploit the fact that strictly believing muslim women are considered completely harmless in this society.

They have an important role to play in the system: they are responsible for recruiting new recruits, training them to be brave warriors of god, keeping the sisters in line, and expanding the network unnoticed and away from the outer circle, e.G., the "gods". B. Social networks, cleverly – and above all covertly – in the inner circle to guide.

"Salafism is becoming more and more female", headlined the faz on 2. Christmas day. The subject of the article that follows this headline is a network of about 40 fundamental islamic women who have been targeted by the lfv nrw. Analogous to the male salafists, who among themselves are "brother" women call themselves "sister".

The "sisters" are taken note of

No, salafism, or. Fundamental islam is not becoming more feminine; women have always played an essential role in it. A failure of the last years comes to light here. For the activities of the women have not been noticed so far only because no one is interested in them, or because no one dares to literally lift the veils that hide their beliefs.

"It does not matter what is on the head, but what is in the head", is a popular argument of feminist headscarf supporters. This is exactly the problem: because the veil on the head is the clearest sign of the resistant ideology behind the largely chastely covered forehead.

At its core, this ideology is no different from the teachings of the muslim brotherhood, hamas, which professed to be part of it in its 1988 charter, or millĂ® gorus, the turkish counterpart to the muslim brotherhood. These organizations – in association with the fascist turkic grey wolves – are represented in the established islamic associations such as the central council of muslims in germany (zmd).

In contrast to the salafist currents, however, they reject brute force in europe because they have understood that this is counterproductive. Instead, they rely on the "best buddy method": found associations, build trust, cooperate with existing political organizations and structures, become members of established parties, create new, common structures and make ever more far-reaching demands on this basis.

In the meantime, the "best buddies" are sending the second generation into the race: young muslims, born here, highly educated and well-educated, who have come together under the rubric of the new germans, the "new" they are supposed to propagate diversity, which includes, almost by nature, the prudent woman, who is taken care of from the cradle to the grave by the religious institutions, who moves to the assisted living community after the halal baccalaureate ceremony, who is taken care of by the religious institutions, who moves to the assisted living community after the halal baccalaureate ceremony, who is taken care of by the religious institutions "brothers" and "sisters" and later move into science, politics, judiciary and business.