Third generation of the mercedes sprinter

From the courier service on construction companies, the public service on the personal access to sanitar operation – during transporters it is always about maximum uses and low maintenance costs, because saved time is earned money. This makes the new sprinter more flexible in the variants in a complete conservative structure and, on the other hand, expands the possibilities for the communication functions.

The spectrum that covers the new mercedes sprinter could hardly be. Front, standard and four-wheel drive, two to 19 passengers, countless builds, bike poles and payloads offer prizes to almost unlimited inserts. With the versions box, tourer, flatbed, chassis, bus or driving head you get on more than 1700 different executions.

More payload and loading high with front drive

For the first time, the sprinter auber with rear wheel and four-wheel drive also with front drive, which lifts the payload by 50 kg and lowers the loading height by 80 mm. "A good vehicle alone is no longer enough. The new sprinter must therefore be more than the blob’s sum of its parts, "says mercedes commercial vehicle boss volker morhinweg," with a previously unmatched variety of variants, new networking services and a new telematics generation, he becomes a tailor-made overall system for various commercial transport and mobility requirements."

Thanks to globalization, this is now worldwide and the van in the dusseldorfer plant, in ludwigsfelde, but also in buenos aires and charleston from the band. Dr. Ulf zillig, total project leader sprinter reminds "more than 3.4 million the first two generations delivered in 130 countries. This clearly demonstrates that the sprinter is at home all over the world and has to cover an incredible range of landing and industry-specific tunnels."

Smaller radhauser, coarse charging width

The maximum charging volume reaches 17 cubic meters, the highest total weight of fun and a half tons. The loading width between the reduced wheel houses rose from almost 98 to 123 centimeters. The box carriage offers a loading flood between 3.98 and 7.60 square meters, which is space for up to seven europool pallets, 7.8 to 17.0 cubic meters of charging volume, 2732 to 4810 mm loader-length floor close, 1787 mm maximum loader width and 1719 to 2243 mm loader.

The flatbed car with standard driver house offers a loading flood between 5.8 and 9.2 square meters (place for up to eight europool pallets) and 2858 to 4308 mm charging length, as a double cabin 4.3 to 7.7 m2 square meters and a loading length from 2128 to 3608 mm. As a flatbed width 2035 to 2135 mm are given, as on-board wall 403 mm

As a maximum payload for both construction versions, daimler promises more than 3000 kg in the weight variant with 5500 kg.