Malaga, 10. November 2015 – are still coupes expression for it, to have consciously chewed opposite a limousine for an impractical car at a high price. Now the mercedes limousines are not suspected of being ordinar average product. For the more expensive coupe offshoots, that is just right. Not all commitments were successful in the past, just think of the attempt to market the 203er series with a short tail as a coupe. Even less gluck had the direct successor, which was made with minimal effort to the 204er and quickly removed from the program. A "real" 204er coupe came first with the facelift of the series in 2011. The current c-class is expanded by flicker: well a year and a half years after the sedan, a coupe will now be followed in the expected look. We have already turned a short round.

Mercedes has reported the effort for the new c-coupe, which becomes clearer in the inside. From the front limousine and coupe are not different from each other. The jerk lights are a bit too rough. The many tin above the rear wheel takes the car the optical lightness. Nevertheless, the exercise design shows how we find, overall elegant car.

The dashboard is equal to the limousine up to a few details. Here as there are the penible workmanship and the fine materials. This also relies off the mercedes from the bmw 4 series coupe, which has not been offering this good at all bodies. Unfortunately, the control logic of the sedan for the c-coupe was also supposed. So self-clarifying as idrive from bmw, the comparable system of mercedes is far from. For gluck, speech recognition is very good. New is the app "connect me", which can now send a navigation route into the car via an apple watch now, among other things.


Even the limousine is not a master of space utilization, the coupe is again tackable tier. Head and legroom in the rear are very short, which seems to a sporty two-pricing more than in the remaining c-class models. The seats are comfortable, slightly lower installed than in the limousine and adjustable in a wide range. Also the headstock can be adjusted for giants sufficiently far upwards. The all-round view is bad, though nciht as catastrophic as in the a-class or the 203 coupe.