Covid-19: beijing places arrivals from italy under quarantane

Covid-19: Beijing quarantines arrivals from italy

The ajinomoto stadium in tokyo. Photo: yoppy. License: cc by 2.0

"Different scenarios" for the european football championship and a denial about the postponement of the tokyo olympics

Chen bei, the deputy secretary general of the beijing municipal government, announced yesterday that not only people from chinese covid 19 risk regions, but also visitors and returnees from sud korea, japan, iran and italy must undergo a 14-day quarantine. This applies to chinese citizens as well as to foreigners. Returnees living in beijing should not leave their homes during this time. For guests isolation in selected hotels is provided.

The reason for the decrease are several infections by returnees from italy and iran. All these infections occurred outside the problem region of hubei. In the other regions, the people’s republic is in between with sharp decreases (cf. Coronavirus: huanggang and wuhan under quarantane) succeeded better in limiting the spread of the virus than the countries listed above (cf. Covid-19 is now spreading faster outside china than in the country of origin).

The virus hibernates in the southern hemisphere?

A man who tested positive for covid 19 in the argentine capital yesterday had also been in italy until sunday. In argentina, which is located in the southern hemisphere of the earth, it is not spring but autumn that is beginning at the moment. If the virus persists there, it could "overwinter", if it becomes more inactive as temperatures rise in the northern hemisphere, as some medical experts hope.

In addition to argentina, covid 19 traps have also been registered in brazil, ecuador and chile in south america. The first patient from brazil was also previously in italy, the first in ecuador arrived from spain, and the only one so far in chile probably contracted the disease in southeast asia. In new zealand, which is also located in the southern hemisphere, there have been two proven cases of trafficking, and in neighboring australia there have been 50 cases and two deaths.

The infection of an employee of the european defense agency (eda) in brussels, where people from all over europe come and go every day, is also potentially particularly problematic. He has already infected an employee of the eu council. In order to prevent a further spread of the crime, the authorities have now until march 13. March all meetings canceled.

In italy itself, where there are now 107 covid 19 deaths and 2.706 known contagion, the government yesterday announced a closure of kindergartens, schools and universities and recommended the abandonment of greeting rituals such as hugs and kisses (cf. Live long and prosper). Football matches and other sporting events may be held there until 3. April will only take place without spectators.

French government makes respirators prescription only

The model for this measure is switzerland, whose ban on events with more than a thousand spectators in addition to games of the 1. And 2. League also includes fc basel’s uefa europa league round of 16 match against german club eintracht frankfurt. According to uefa’s secretary general theodore theodoridis, it is too early to say whether the european championship for national teams, scheduled for june and july, will take place as planned. However, according to the greek, they are preparing for "different scenarios" in front of. Of the play-off elimination games starting as early as this month, each will be reviewed separately.

The japanese government plans to hold the summer olympics in tokyo, which are to take place shortly after the european football championships, on schedule on 24 march. July, as cabinet secretary yoshihide suga announced yesterday. Earlier, women’s and olympic affairs minister seiko hashimoto, a former speed skater, had speculated about a possible delay until the end of the year.

In germany and france, soccer games will continue to be played in front of spectators for the time being. However, both countries have responded to the epidemic with other measures. As of yesterday, respirators can no longer be exported from germany, and in france they can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription or proof that you work in the healthcare sector. Despite this restriction, government spokeswoman sibeth ndiaye asserted that there is no "no risk of undersupply". Regarding the shortage and increase in the price of disinfectants, the french minister of economy, bruno le maire, said that it would be a "just as effective to wash your hands with soap".