Eu commission: penalties for bosch and continental

Bosch and continental are designed to pay millions of translations for education illegal cartels. This divested eu competition commissar margrethe vestager on wednesday (21. February 2018) with. She also directed high courses against a cartel of shipping companies, the vehicles shipping. Overall, it requires more than half a billion euros and at the same time ordered further decisions: "we are not finished yet."The investigations because of the possible german car park are not yet completed.

After finding the eu commission, bosch was involved in three different cartels. Thus, the stuttgart group is said to have agreed with the two japanese competitors denso and ngk between the years 2000 and 2011 on the market for zundkandzen and also tailored prices. For this, the brussels authored a money pit of 76 million euros, almost 46 million against bosch.

Another 75 million euro money pit requires the competitive choods because bosch and hanoverian suppliers were discussed with continental at offers from brake systems for daimler, bmw and volkswagen. Of this, 44 million is at conti and about 31 million in bosch. The company trw received a possible penalty because it had revealed the case.

A total of 395 million euros, the eu commission requires four sea transport companies, the cars, trucks and other vehicles for import and export on the ocean shipping. According to vestach, the chilean csav, japanese companies k line, mol and nyk and the norwegian-swedish company wwl-eukor are affected. In the case, mol as kronzeze adopted the punishment.

All companies had caught their participation and approved a comparative procedure, vestager said. The embarrassed at the cartel agreements were first the automakers who had to pay too high prices. "But that could also be passed on to the end consumer," said the commissarin. "Our work contributes to that this market also works for consumer fair."

Bosch explained in stuttgart, one cooperated with the commission to clear the facts to the facts. The company does not tolerate clogs against internal guidelines. Continental announced to have collaborated with the commission for their cranital control. It goes for a long-back information exchange with competitors who have given the last contact in this context in 2011. Conti clearly made its system to ensure control conformity has been established for years. The clares in question have been completed before the procedure is initiated.

The mirror had reported alleged agreements between vw, audi, porsche, bmw and daimler on technology, costs and suppliers in the summer of 2017. The eu commission examines notes. The anti-cartel bubes now have not to do anything to vestigers.