Expert: entry at alfa goods currently too much for vw

The speculation, vw is interested in the supersence of the fiat group brand alfa romeo, had new food at the beginning of the week than the automotive week a namelessly not mentioned "vw guidance" with the words quoted: "alfa is a globally recognized brand with sportive genes and gross tradition." "if such a treasure to have goods, we were not allowed too long zogs."

Although the corporate headquarters in wolfsburg and turin unison leaned out a comment on this exercise, but the usage fantasies were born in addition by the use of the italian design company italdesign through volkswagen. However, vw has been working with italdesign for decades – company founder giorgetto giugiaro has designed the first golf and legendar scirocco. Second, it is caught that vw chief designer walter de silva is italian, as well as vw marketing manager luca de meo, which was formerly stood at fiat for alfa.

At no time was there in wolfsburg but indications of contacts, talking or even negotiations with fiat over the mailder car brand. In media reports, there was always talk of interest, but not of concrete steps.

The purchase of alfa has not really helped vw, auto expert stefan bratzel says about the university of applied sciences of the economy in bergisch gladbach. In view of the integration of porsche and the numerous other construction sites that the vw group currently forcibly agree, a purchase of alfa for vw currently does not make sense, says bratzel. "It was too much for vw."

Although volkswagen wants to become a large carmaker in the world by 2018. With the integration of porsche, which is to be completed in the course of the next year, the wolfsburg group already has a sports car icon in the portfolio of his then ten brands.

Additional tasks is to be warmed to the planned redesign of the truck supplement with man and scania. And again and again there is also a clear that vw wants to increase its 20 percent participation in suzuki.

Alfa romeo is considered legendar – the economic situation of the car manufacturer seems to be less fantastic. So there were reports of a weak model policy, sales problems and missing future perspectives.

Fiat boss sergio marchionne also has its own plan for the traditional brand. Sales intentions for alfa romeo he has always denied after media reports. Only in april marchionne had explained in the announcement of the fiat’s four-year plan to launch a number of alfa models with a new design on chrysler by 2012 on the us market. By 2014, it was planned to sell the paragraph of the brand so on 500.000 vehicles increase against the circa 100.000 last year, threw it back then.

The italians had taken the tax from the americans only a year after the surviving bankruptcy of chrysler. Fiat at the moment 20 percent of the us manufacturer, but has the possibility to take over the majority in the long term. The fiat group is based on the cararks fiat, alfa romeo and lancia, as well as the sports car manufacturer ferrari and maserati beyond the truck builders iveco as well as the construction and agricultural machinery brands case and new holland and several component manufacturers.