France releases state accelerator for renault

France releases state accelerator for Renault

The french state makes the way for a loan of fun billion euros in favor of the carmaker renault free. Economic and finance minister bruno le maire wanted the state warranty to cheaply, shared his ministry on tuesday (2. June 2020) in paris with. The manufacturer in financial difficulties had the degradation of around 15 last week.000 jobs worldwide and wants to reduce their fixed costs in the coming three years by more than two billion euros to escape a serious crisis.

Future plan over 2023 beyond

Le maire came together with representatives of renault, the unions as well as representatives. It was about the future of the gross plant mailewy in the north of the country. It should now be negotiated a future plan to secure production and procurement beyond 2023. In maubewegen near the border with belgium, a massive relocation of production is carried out. Renault launches a project to the works douai and maubewegen to investigate the creation of a competence center for electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles in northern france.

Macron had set conditions for the loan

The case is political delicate: prasident emmanuel macron had asked explicitly a week ago for the north franzosi works of maubewereuge and douai as a condition for the billions loan. According to renault, these two factories should become a center for electric cars and light commercial vehicles. The state is an important actor at renault with a 15 percent share.

After greater information of the renault prasident jean-dominique senard, a small work in the paris grobraum is to be closed in the course of the consolidated renovation until 2022. This work in choisy-le-roi is now counterparted as the french news agency afp reported to the unions.

Further trials are not planned, had ared senard. Renault wrote red numbers last year and is heavily affected by the car sales crisis by the covid 19 pandemic. The manufacturer has 14 locations in france alone.