Interactive ki card: over 700 ki start-ups from germany made visible

Interactive Ki Card: Over 700 KI start-ups from Germany made visible

The initiative ki park germany has published an interactive map that aims to create a look over ki applications of german start-ups. This can be found on 700 companies that use artificial intelligence. The initiative wants to give start-ups in contact between companies, start-ups, science and politics by making common ki projects easier to get along.

Users can select from different search options. For example, seeker logins like innovation or car. In addition, the possibility to filter finer, for example, according to application areas such as research and development, human resources or finance and controlling.

Reduce hotspots

In addition, the ki card provides information in which state most of the start-ups with ki applications are frolic or where ki clusters were created in the bundeslandel. Ki start-ups from the freelancer to 2.5 billion euros heavy unicorn are distributed over the entire federal territory, write the initiators. In addition, the card covers ki metropolitan areas, in berlin, about 202, the most start-ups are currently heap.

"We call for the networking of start-ups with companies from the industry, the middle class and the public sector to contribute to the pension strength of germany", explains olly salzmann, business drivers from ki park germany. Background reports on the makers and thinkers behind the start-ups are supposed to yield the ki card regularly regularly.