Tokyo, 22. October 2015 – in japan, the new lexus goes as rx 450h and as rx 200t in the trade. The 4,89 meter long, 228 hp suv, which toyota has first introduced at the beginning of april 2015 on the shanghai auto show, is powered by a charged two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and remains true to the poached lexus lines.

Toyota reports, the rx is the best-selling model in the 26th anniversary history of his nobel brand lexus. New is the motorization with a two-liter four-cylinder with combined benzine direct and suction tube injection. The 160 kg weighing aluminum engine with cast gray cast iron racks and double compensation shaft appeared in 2014 after nine years of development time in the lexus 200t under the name 8ar-fts.

His twin scroll turbo charging allows the bundling of the exhaust pass channels one and four as well as two and three each in two channels a faster response of the turbine. In addition, the separation of the channels prevents cylinder interference and offers in conjunction with direct injection the possibility of scavenging, ie an extended ventilation for better draining the cylinder at low speed.

Only with six-step changer machine

Toyotas advanced full-variable valve control on inlet and outlet side can send the engine in certain operations in the atkinson cycle with a tangled compression stroke. A water boiler, in the head of integrated exhaust bridle should further raise the efficiency of charging with an adaptive flux-boiled intermediate chiller. Thus, the lexus in the japanese jc08 cycle of the ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism (mlit) is to be a consumption of 18.8 kilometers per liter, approx. 5.32 liters to 100 km, reach. In the european nefz, there should be no too rough deviations. Toyota indicates a maximum torque of 350 nm between 1650 and 4400 / min. The engine is only coupled to a six-step transducer machine due to the transverse construction.

As a security feature, toyota calls a proactive accident (episode) avoidance system with fubgo detection, a lane support assistant, automatic high beam, a radar-enhanced adaptive cruising and extended environmental observation with emergency intervention in threatening danger. In addition, the lexus with c2x communication offers advanced assistance functions. If about traffic lights send appropriate information (which is still rare today in japan, but should be expanded worldwide) the driver can be warned in a targeted manner in the intersection area, for example when turning. Another functionality is the use of warning messages from other cars that drive in front of the rx with radar-based, adaptive cruise. At toyota, c2x is "its connect".