Mars-rover perseverance should be on 17. July

Mars-Rover Perseverance should start on 17 July

The mars-rover perseverance should be on the 17th. July 2020 at 9.Start 15 clock from cape canaveral. This has now announced the us space agency nasa.

Perseverance – in german "persistence" – based technically on the successful process curiosity, which has been on the mars for more than seven years. He is about 3 meters long, 2.7 meters wide, 2.2 meters high and weighs over a ton. He should once explore if there has been life on mars, and gathering rocks and soil samples to be brought to earth from artificial missions.


The rover should also bring a helicopter, called ingenuity. To make it clear with the dun atmosphere of the planet, the helicopter weighs just under 1.8 kilograms. He has a hull from the rough of a softball, and his rotor blatters should turn around ten times faster with 3000 turns per minute than a helicopter on earth.

Nasa-rover curiosity on the mars

Mars-Rover Perseverance should start on 17 July

curiosites views of your own footsteps in the marssand

The rover is to be brought to space with a support rocket atlas v 541. If the start should not flap in the middle of july, the rover would remain a window of about three weeks for further attempts so that he can then land as planned in february 2021 on mars.

(source: nasa / jpl-caltech)

Previously, the coronavirus crisis has been remeded to mess up the schedule for perseverance. Nasa is only known in the context that only a limited number of media representatives are admitted for quarantine reservations.