Russia: supervisory persons lashed twitter

Russia: Supervisory persons lashed Twitter

The russian telecommunications supervision roskomnadsor has begun to enforce a throttling of twitter nationwide nationwide. With the step, the authority draws consequences from the accusation, the social network has not achieved thousands of illegal contributors even after repeated prompts.

That’s why you have now "matches seized to protect russian burgers from the influence of illegal content", shared roskomnadsor at this wednesday. But the throttling does not seem to be implemented at least everywhere, it is called for observers.

Thousands of slogan requests not implemented

Only last week, the communication supervisory persons had criticized that twitter since 2017 exactly 2.862 contribution with content did not loll, which are punishable in russia. Meanwhile, it is the beorde already almost 3200. Allegedly, the us group has been a total of 28.000 requests for the loose delivered, but twitter did not meet in any case. Roskomnadsor explains, in the contributing, minors to suicide were required, there is information about the use of custodians or it deals with child pornography. The youngest example is a call to the mass self-murder of teenagers.

When roskomnadsor had made the premieged past week, it still struck it, twitter were threatened sensitive money bubes, should not be the requests. This is not the speech anymore. Instead, it is now called, the maws could be extended, to a possible blocking of the service. Contemporarily, the throttling concerns twitter on mobile devices to 100 percent and at other advised to 50 percent. Observers, such as the russian correspondent of the ard, have not yet noticed slowdown. Instead, the website of the kremlin and roskomnadsor is currently not available.

Twitter had not responded to the premieges of the authority so far. The platform is used in russia intensively by the dissident alexei nawalny and its supports. Moscow was gone in the youngest time more and more on confrontation course to western internet offers such as twitter, youtube and facebook. International organizations such as human rights watch, amnesty international and reporter without boundaries complain of long massive and completely comprehensive interventions of the russian state in the right to freedom of expression.