Satellite internet: oneweb saves 41.000 satellites

Satellite operator oneweb drastically reduces the expansion planner for its internet service. For the second expansion phase, the indian-british company plans to 47.844 satellites "only" 6.372 satellite. That’s a reduction by 41.112 satellites or 87 percent. The betrayal an application onewebs to the us regulatory worker fcc of by the past week.

Onweb represents his savings package as proof of his responsibility. Scientists had the enormous number of satellites, one day in 1.200 kilometers high had to circle, rejected. As many artificial sky, astronomy had difficult to influence. It would have been about the area surrounded satellite constellation at all.

The current first expansion stage is designed comparatively modest with 716 satellites. She was originally planned with 950 artificial earth trabants also a bit rough. After a russian rocket in december has brought 36 oneweb satellites into space for fast internet, there are now 110 satellites of the company. Although russia’s state space company roskosmos earned good money with the satellite starts, russia examines a ban on foreign satellite internet in its own country.

Softbank is investing again

Onweb hopes that the fcc as the new plan of the second expansion phase as "slight" deviation from the already approved 48.000 satellite project allocated. The annual application promises better data throughput with more efficient radio frequency use. Whether the original mega project was meant seriously, is unclear. Maybe it was a chess train to secure valuable radio frequency rights. Onweb had requested and received the approval last year during its insolvency proceedings.

In november, oneweb was saved by a partial nationalization. Since then, the indian bharti group (42.5 percent) and the united konigreich government (42 percent) were the major shareholders. The japanese group softbank, who had held 37.4 percent before onewebs, has again involved in november with nine percent. Also satellite supplier hughes networks secured a small share again. Together, the new subsid partists in the fall brought a billion us dollar (currently 823 million euros) in oneweb.

Now softbank stops its participation. The japanese group invests a further $ 350 million (290 million euros) and thus receive a seat again in the board of directors. Hughes network has another $ 50 million (41 million euros). The now available funds ranges according to oneweb to take 648 satellites until the end of the next year. A partial operation would take on -web even this year, namely for customers in the arctic and in the uk.