Thinkbook plus gets coarse e-ink second screen

Thinkbook Plus gets coarse E-Ink second screen

With the thinkbook plus, lenovo has been selling a special notebook since last year: in addition to the compulsory color screen you will find on the cover side a monochrome e-ink touchscreen, which displays information when the lid is closed or allowed by pen notes to documents. For ces, lenovo now introduces the second generation.

With it, not only the internal components are renewed on the eleventh core i generation and associated connectivity (wi-fi 6, thunderbolt 4): the e-ink display was increased to 12 inches and now offers significantly more image-respectable workflat. In addition, the pen can now be stowed in a housing. The main screen has also been upgraded: the 13.3-inch display now has the more working-time side ratio of 16:10. Both panels show 2560 × 1600 points.

Thinkbook Plus gets coarse E-Ink second screen

On the cover side of the thinkbook plus you will find a pen and finger-operated e-ink second screen.

Lenovo promises for the 1.3 kilogram lightweight and under one and a half centimeters flat notebook battery life of 15 hours (main screen) or 24 hours (e-ink use). The battery is designed for both a usb-c power supply as well as an optional wireless charging mat.

The thinkbook plus i gen2 should be relevant from the end of may at 1550 euros from 1550 euros. Under the name thinkbook 13x i, from the end of june, there is also a minimal flat and lighter sister model, which is technically the thinkbook plus without e-ink second screen. His prices start at 1310 euros.

Amd thinkbooks

During all previous thinkbooks with intel processors were hinted, debuting on the ces the amd variant thinkbook 14p and 16p. Small hook: during the approximately two kilograms thinkbook 16p with potent ryzen-5000 processors, optional geforce rtx gpus and 16-inch 16-in-screen calibrated 16: 10 screen in this country at the end of june from 1310 euro to be relevant should not give the 14-zoller thinkbook 14p with optional oled screen after the current state of the things in this country.

Thinkbook Plus gets coarse E-Ink second screen

Lenovo thinkbook 16p