Third generation of toyota prius debut in detroit

Third generation of toyota prius debut in detroit

Detroit (michigan / usa), 13. January 2009 – the term "prius" dates from the latin and means "who preceded". In 1997, toyota introduced the ur version of his hybrid vehicle, which became a bestseller with the world’s second generation introduction of the second generation in 2004. Worldwide, a million builders now decided on prius. At the north american international auto show (naias – audiator days: 17. To 25. January) now debut the third generation. It comes in the us in the spade of fruhahr and europe-wide in the summer of 2009 on the market.

The better is the good enemy

In principle, toyota is all about the old one, both in terms of the power-shifted hybrid drive and what the cavity exercise of the vehicle is concerned, but the japanese have improved essential components: in the third prius generation is a new, 1.8 liter of cylinder four-cylinder gasoline, which is operated in the atkinson cycle, which brings consumption benefits in partial load area. Also new are electrical and electronic components and a lighter planetary gearbox. A total of 90 percent of the hybrid system, toyota has been newly developed. The new internal combustion engine does 72 kw (98 hp), the e-motor 59 kw (80 hp). System performance rose to 99 kw (134 hp).

Consumption lowered

Due to the coarse displacement, the total speed level of the internal combustion engine could be lowered ("downspeeding"to). His high maximum torque helps to reduce consumption in uberlandfahrten and higher speeds. In addition, the engine now requires less fuel in the cold. In the american cycle, the new prius comes with a gallon gasoline 50 miles, which corresponds to 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The transaction generation managed 46 miles per gallon (5.1 l / 100 km).