Three versions at the ego life

Ego mobile ag has released detailed technical information and prices for battery-electric small car life. Unlike so far, it will not give two, but even three versions.

The entry comes in the life 20 with 14.9 kwh battery capacity, 20 kw (27 hp) engine performance and a range of 136 kilometers (nefz). Ego mobile gives additionally and probably overlooking the since 1. September credited stricter measuring cycle wltp a range in "real city business" of 104 km. The base price amounts to 15.900 euros. This can be deducted on the foreseeable future the state priority program of 4000 euros.

More range offer the life 40 with 17.9 kwh battery capacity (from 17.400 euros) and the life 60 with 23.9 kwh (from 19.900 euros). In addition, a waste product of the larger batteries are increasing engine performance in which ego mobile differs between permanent and peak performance. So the life 40 can deliver up to 40 kw (permanently 24 kw) and the life 60 up to 60 kw (permanently 32 kw).

With increasing power, the payload decreases

The highest speed rises from 116 km / h in life 20 (ego mobile: "travel speed" 104 km / h) over 150 km / h in life 40 (travel peed: 110 km / h) to 160 km / h in life 60 (133 km / h). Because with each coarse battery level, the curb weight growth, but the total weight remains constant at 1300 kg, the payload decreases according to 420 kg in the base version to 350 kg in the top model life 60. At the same time, the consumption of 9.9 kwh increases at the life 20 ("real city operation": 12.8 kwh) to 11.1 kwh (14.6 kwh) in life 60.

A precise price list is now available. So silver paint costs 500 euro surcharge and the led headlights 650 euros. Certain positions can be summarized in innovation or comfort packages.

It is unclear what is behind the april 2019 available "heating climate unit" for 1700 euro. We speculate: it is a combination of air conditioning and hot pump.

The ego life can be loaded on the household socket or single-phase via a type 2 cable (wallbox, public saule). The calculated charging power – ego gives waiting times of 3.1 to 4.6 hours – is around 5 kw. A dc option has not been explored so far.

For comparison: a volkswagen e-up is 25 centimeters long, has series-maby four trees, automatic climate control and front drive (ego life: rear drive). The battery capacity of the e-up amounts to 18.7 kwh, and for an additional charge of 625 euros, it is dc fast load-based after the ccs standard. The price: from 26.900 euros.

The life ego life should come to the strain from the second quarter of 2018; reservation for the price of 1000 euro are possible. The first full production year is 2019.