Toyota ft-86 ii: new study of the japan athlete

Toyota ft-86 ii: new study of the japan athlete

Koln, 14. Marz 2011 – since toyota in the fall of 2009 at the automesse in tokyo the design study ft-86 showed, traumas fans from a successor for the japanese sports car celica. Toyota is missing a real sports car. The celica has not been produced for years, too bad, even if he was last no seller. The at the geneva salon (3. To 13. Marz 2011) being subsequent study ft-86 ii could become a major success – it looks sleek and is technically a character actor. The name ft-86 declares as a composition of "future toyota" and the number 86, which should remember the corolla levin ae86.

Long than the subaru, but equal wheelbase

In 2009, toyota and subaru had agreed joint development of a sports car with rear wheel drive and boxer engine. The engine of subaru should come, the technology for the rear wheel drive of toyota. Even the iaa study showed these two elements. The car shown in frankfurt, however, was only 4.16 meters long. The geneva study now measures 4.24 meters. Also in geneva – but only in the stage of a raw construction – shown brother named "subaru rwd sports car" measures only 4.20 meters. The two flitzer are not identical. The wheelbase of 2.57 meters is the same.

Boxer for low center of gravity

The boxer motor should be rotatable and build compact. This coupled a six-speed circuit. This combination enhances the strain position due to its low center of gravity and at the same time contributes to the good performance weight, so toyota. Both the powertrain and the seats were specifically deeply and well positioned. This helps to a balanced axle load ratio and thus improves handling. The new toyota sports car should come to the market as that of subaru in 2012. The name of the car has not been communicated yet. Toyota press spokesman jurge proudly told us in february 2011, that the newcomer will not live celica.