Ubisoft connect: uplay successor makes games platform

Ubisoft Connect: Uplay successor makes games platform

Ubisoft has introduced a new service called ubisoft connect. The platform should connect ubisoft games via all systems. About ubisoft connect players should have the possibility of playing platform in multiplayer mode.

For some games, ubisoft connect is supposed to ensure that game rods are shared over several platforms. Who, for example, "assassin’s creed valhalla" starts on the pc should be seamlessly on the xbox or the playstation can continue to continue playing. The game must be purchased twice anyway. These "cross progression" confirmed ubisoft next to "valhalla" for "hyper scape", "immortals fenyx rising" and "riders republic" – alter titles are not supported by the platform sweeping saves.

Trailer too "assassin’s creed valhalla" (source: assassin’s creed de)

The end of uplay

In addition, ubisoft connect integrates the social features of ubisoft club: challenges and rewards as well as chats with friends are processed on game consoles to the connect overlay. On the pc, the connect application replaces the previous ubisoft app uplay. The update should expire seamlessly, previously installed games should continue to work. Ubisoft connect is from the 29. October, so appears to release the upcoming open world game "watch dogs: legion".

Ubisoft connect works on the pc, xbox, playstation, nintendo switch and the cloud gaming service google stadia. In addition, ubisoft publishes an application for ios and android. For use, only an ubisoft account is necessary – pc players who had to install uplay has already installed such a account.