Eu favors rules for typzule

Conventions as with the exhaust gas scandal, the eu wants to stop artificially with sharp coordination rules for new car models and high buffets. Member states agreed on thursday (7. December 2017) with the european parliament on new regulations for the type-approval, which will be duty from the year 2020. For the first time, the eu commission can then look directly to the fingers, start back calls, and at rule-proof bubbanks of up to 30.Handled 000 euros per auto. Consumer protections welcomed the.

In the exhaust affare, it was flown that some car models on the prowl of manipulative software was attributable to pollutant limits, but not in normal strain traffic. The scandal has shown the weakness of the system – and that will now be fixed, explained industrial commissarin elzbieta bienkowska: "we know that some car manufacturers have cheated and many other loopholes have exploited. To finish this, we will overtake the entire system."

So far, national resistances in the eu countries of the eu are state-of-the-art car manufacturers to certify that a new model is all the technical specifications stopped and approved for traffic. In germany it is the motor trip federal office. According to the eu commission, the new rules should secure the independence of these places. However, the commission may check the resistances. In germany, there is also a debate to involve other institutions such as the umweltbundesamt stronger.

In addition, no longer only prototypes should be checked before the type in question, but sampling also new copies of already approved models – at least one of 40.000 new car. So you want to make sure that the cars really have the once certified properties. The results should be published. If an eu country finds irregularities, it can intervene. So far, this can only the authority granted the type-approval. This applies in the whole eu.

The use of shutdown devices also wants to stop the eu more effective. The manufacturers have to keep access to software protocols. Together with new tests in real driving, it should therefore be harder to circumvent pollutant limit values.

The european consumer association beuc called the tarpaulin a progress. Above all, he praised the stagnation tests and supervision of european level. "But the eu could do more for consumers," said beuc director-general monique goyens. In particular, realistic tests of co2 values in normal strain traffic are necessary. A foreground well-sounding idea that has often been presented. However, this value is tax relevant and should be comparable. As the "on the strain" should succeed, this proposal will unanswered.

The agreement of thursday is based on proposed by the commission of 2016. The european parliament and the council of the eu-lander must still agree. Thereafter, the eu countries can apply the regulation directly, from the 1. September 2020 is this obligation.