Expert: car makers have high gains also owe for fires

Expert: Car makers have high gains also owe for fires

The german carmakers have to centrally assigned billions gains after the expert view of the corona crisis, the german corona crisis. In the previous year, most companies had reacted with a staff reduction or strict setting stop at the time-way failure in the autosector, said industry expert stefan reindl of the german press agency.

Pufful operating profits thanks to more effective "maw"

"Almost all corporations have implemented savings models, which have also become relatively effective", says reindl, who leads the institute for automotive industry in geislingen. The effectiveness of these maws can now be seen in a phase in which the market again clearly attracts: although the industry currently has to fight with a semiconductor certificate, the profits are about vw and daimler surprisingly high.

Volkswagen had recently reported a revival company profit of around 11 billion euros for the first half of the year, daimler had a surplus of 5.2 billion euros in the second quarter between april and june on market expectations. Data on the net profit should still be published.

Crisis came straight to the conversion of the autoconders

Reindl said the carmakers had used the corona crisis to purposefully use planned conversions in the light of the transformation of internal combustion engines to the electromobility faster than actually planned. That’s in the crisis "fast easier and dynamic" been possible than under normal conditions. "The measures taken at the beginning of the pandemic were so on random, but certainly sustainable", says reindl.

At daimler, corporate chief ola kallenius had once again forced and expanded a planned austerity program in the previous year, up to 20.000 places should report reports on this path – an exact number does not call daimler. At bmw, the degradation of 6000 workplaces was confirmed, vw had a strict new settings stop at the crisis, among other things,. Unions and operations had accepted all this under the impression of the crisis, at that time lasting short-time work and partly deep-rediments accepted.

Roughest problem: the semiconductor deficiency

Whether the corporations can hold the high earnings level in the rest of the year, but not automatically identified, said reindl. If it comes to a further narrowing on the semiconductor market, it will also have a significantly negative impact on the profits. At the same time, new corona lockdowns are a danger. "If these two cases do not occur, but i expect strong profits again", said reindl with a view of the quarters three and four.

The worldwide lack of important electronic components has been driving the carmakers for months and always ensures for production traps. Companies are also currently helping with the short-rate resources that they prefer more profitable models with the tight parts – so the profit margin remains comparatively high. The chip scarcity was still allowed to go far into the rest of the expert view.