Flight simulator: free update for us scenery and us attending

Flight Simulator: Free update for US scenery and US attending

Microsoft has published a new world update for the flight simulator, which is more detailed in many regions of the united states than before. It appeared at the same time with the patch on version, which consumes almost 13 gb ssd storage alone. The world update itself weighs at the game marketplace weighs about 4 gb and is free of charge. It is after the japan update of september the now second, free update of the game scenery.

The world update usa uses numerous areas the high cards and maintain access to updated aerospace recordings. Microsoft has marked the respective places on a gross us map. Uberdies improves the update’s level of four airport (atlanta international, dallas / fort worth international, new york stewart international and friday harbor) and numerous attractions. Microsoft lists a total of 48 such points of interest, such as the washington monument, capitol and white house, the mount rushmore, fort knox, yosemite el capitan and half dome, alcatraz, the las vegas strip at night, the kennedy space center and pearl harbor.

Microsoft flight simulator: united states world update

Improvements in aircraft

The patch should eliminate numerous crash causes, but microsoft no details for this purpose. So far, numerous players with sullen abss to the desktop have to fight to fight, for which there was no general, comprehensible solution – to what extent this update improves is still unclear.

Improving the loading behavior in photogrammetric data and the appropriate hide from distant aircraft. In addition, the behavior of numerous aircraft was carried out: for example, kerosene consumption at the airbus a320neo and boeing 747-8 airliners. Microsoft took smaller aircraft cessna 208b, cirrus sr22, extra 330lt, pipistrel virus sw121 and robin cap10.

For the input programs ch throttle quadrant, flightstick pro, combatstick and the honeycomb bravor throttle quadrant brings the update prefabricated standard profiles. For lovers of tracks interesting: the lighting of smaller straws should now be displayed randomly.

The flight simulator is available in three editions for 70 euros (standard), 90 euro (deluxe) and 120 euro (premium deluxe), each containing more aircraft and more finely reformed airport. In addition to the online sales versions via windows store and steam, there are standard and premium expenses as a disc version with 10 dvds distributing aerosoft.