Genetic food

Uk: labeling also in restaurants

Although tony blair staunchly defends genetic engineering, which has come under heavy fire in the uk, the british government is now not only introducing a ban on food made from genetically modified components of plants, which critics also call "genetically modified" "frankenstein food" not only must they be labeled in stores, as required by the eu directive, but restaurants and cafes must also inform customers when they offer something that contains genetically modified ingredients.

Those who do not comply can expect heavy fines. Local authorities to carry out inspections. Agriculture secretary jeff rooker said that this would allow consumers to decide for themselves, but he also ared that there would be no risk of consuming genetically modified foods, which are already available in stores and restaurants. So far, there has been no evidence of a health risk.

Some major british supermarket chains, such as sainsbury and mark and spencer, want to offer their own products only without genetically modified ingredients.

However, there is the problem that genetically modified components in processed products can hardly be detected beyond doubt with existing analytical methods.