Hydrogen aircraft: zeroavia gets money from bill gates and jeff bezos

Hydrogen aircraft: Zeroavia gets money from Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos

The california startup zeroavia, which develops hydrogen-powered drive systems for aircraft, gets money from funds in a funding round, in which microsoft co-primer bill gates and amazon boss jeff bezos are involved. 21.4 million us dollars had come together in a round of financing, involved in the gates ‘breakthrough energy ventures and bezos’ amazon climate pledge fund, it is in a message.

Zeroavia also entered into a partnership with british airways and received a permit for a new funding by the british government for a new funding by another $ 16.3 million, shared the startup with. Thus, since its existence, almost 50 million us dollars investments have been collected.

20 seats, 800 kilometers

Zeroavia wants to launch from 2023 drive strange for jets with up to 20 seats and 800 kilometers reach reach. With the fresh money, the development work is accelerating, zeroavia shares with. Currently, ten airlines were interested in the technique of the company. By 2026, airplanes are to be scaled for 80 passengers and 800 kilometers and by 2030 for 100 passengers and 1600 kilometers range with hydrogen technology, is the goals.

In september 2020, a hydrogen piper lifts off.

Jets, which are operated with fuel cells, also wants to build airbus. The aircraft manufacturer has briefly closed a cooperation with the german automotive supplier elring klinger. As part of the zeroe project, the first emission-free commercially operated aircraft will be completed by 2035.

A pure battery drive stobal in aviation on long-distance distances or for coarse aircraft because of the enrolled performance duration and weight to its limits, elring klinger promotes his technique. Fuel cells, on the other hand, are a powerful alternative.