Numbers, please: the fipping errors

Numbers, please: the fipping errors

Round? Pfff. Today 61 years ago, the physicist richard feynman held his famous lecture "there’s plenty of room at the bottom". In the area of miniaturization, nanotechnology, feynman saw a basis for technical progress. The smaller one thing was, the smaller the mistakes are also. A car that is built by a factor of 4000 reduced can still tolerate an error in the magnitude of 10 atoms, so feynman.

But sometimes little mistakes have gross effects. It is reminiscent of the most expensive typographical mistake of the world 15 years ago, which produced a damage from converted 300 million euros: a stock handler of mizuho securities sold instead of a share of j-com for the price of 610.000 yen mistakenly equal to 610.000 shares of the company for the price of 1 yen.

Fall asleep on the keyboard

Smaller fell out of an antiquity handler. He wanted at least 3000 marks for three raritats, but she put in his online shop for 3 marks for sale. The attempt to accuse the sum in court failed. Another magnitude had the error of a broker of bear stearns in october 2006. He wanted to sell shares worth four million us dollars, but set shares worth four billion for sale. The mistake was listed as securities worth 600 million dollars had already been sold.

The category of types of types were allowed to pay 222 222 222.22 euros from 2015, which a bank employee in frankfurt a pensioner uberwies. The sum came about because the banker had fallen in one-second sleep. Also this case landed in court. The landesarbeitsgericht frankfurt decided that the bank employee could not be held liable for the error.


In the banking industry, there is the term for a category of types of types "finger". Thus, inadvertently, tailored transactions and sells are meant. It does not necessarily have a finger involved: at the london borse, a broker produced an order of 1.8 million pounds in 1999, because he with the elbow 600 times each 16.000 shares bought.

Even more curious an order at the bank of america in september 2006. Here it was about a business in high 50 million us dollars. The transfer was finished on the monitor, the handler was still waiting for the ok from his superior who had to authorize the order as a football fell to the enter key: azubis had hotted in the trading hall at their fishing skills.

To the not so funny fat finger mistakes, the click on the wrong icon is paying with which a rocket alarm was drawn on hawaii. To date is not clarified if it was a misconception or an intention behind it.

The legend of the spinach

Perhaps the most successful typing mistake produced the german chemist erich von wolf in 1870, when he determined the iron content of spinach with 35 milligrams and that value found in numerous advice for dining. Millions of children with iron deficiency had to eat the good spinach until the error detected in 1937 and the iron content in the spinach sank to 3.5 milligrams. By wolf had this value in his laboratory book, but for forgetting the comma when remapping.

History with the spinach inspired the cartoon drawer bud sagendorf to his stories around the seaman popeye and held long in the world. In 1981, the british medical journal examined guidebook and cooking book. The authors found numerous hints on the healthy spinach and worked with the question of why the mistake simply does not disappear. It may be because children can not fight against spinach, unlike the driver who has been occupied after a remiple with driver escape with a driving ban of 52.5 years.

Update: apparently, the story of the forgotten comma in the iron content of spinach is a mistake. The item "the chemistry of spinach: the iron myth and ‘spinach teeth’" clear him on.

Types and shortfalls

The input errors can be expected the input errors when the 350 kilometer puttgarden is entered in the navi instead of putgar or the municipality of rome in mecklenburg-vorpommern is controlled. Fatal became the feeder domantik instead of romance for a lecturer, who as admin as admin supervised the bdsm website of his girlfriend.

Stories of such missing rides and misspers are available. Let us end with another error case, entering a wrong date. A few weeks ago, the history of a high-wheeller landed in court, which ied itself as a lawyer and thus achieved handsome fees. His scam fell on when he changed the job to earn even more money. The new employer dear the exam certificates show. They were exhibited on the pentecost monday 2015, a day on which lawyers make a lazy lenz.