Court of auditors criticizes implementation of the road

Court of Auditors criticizes implementation of the road

The eu commission has provided around 16.5 billion euros for urban mobility for the years to 2020, especially for u and dry railways as well as bike paths and intelligent traffic systems. Nevertheless, there are "no clear signs" for that politics work.

The car use is high as eh and ever, the court of auditors determines, "and the air pollution is still on the safe limit values in many city.

Criticism in the aimless driving ban

In germany, the 66 pages criticizes comprehensive investigation that there are no targets for sustainable city traffic prescribed there. In other countries, such tarpaulins had a positive effect. The experts looked closer to the situation in eight european citys, including hamburg and leipzig. They criticized the locally very limited driving ban for alter diesel vehicles in hamburg: it has been introduced, though not clear what the effect. In leipzig there are interesting approaches like the conversion of car parking lots in bicycle parking space.

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Drug gangs hijack mexican state

Fighting between drug cartels threatens internal security. State organs are infiltrated, neighboring states are threatened

The 3. November marked a tragic high point in mexico: fighting between drug gangs killed 58 people within 24 hours in the southern neighbor of the usa – more than ever before in such a short period of time. The violence of rival cartels in mexico and their fight against the state have become one of the greatest threats to internal security in the country. The government under president felipe calderon is increasingly helpless in the face of the escalation. On 1. December 2006, the conservative politician took office with a promise to fight drug-related crime. Two years later he is more restrained. According to the daily newspaper el universal, 5031 people have died in the drug war since the beginning of the year. A bloody record. On thursday alone, 12 men were again found executed in sinaloa, and in another case, five men shot in broad daylight on a street in chihuahua. There were another eight executions in chihuahua on the same day, and six in ciudad juarez.

Drug gangs hijack mexican state

Title of el universal on 5.12.

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Hydrogen aircraft: zeroavia gets money from bill gates and jeff bezos

Hydrogen aircraft: Zeroavia gets money from Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos

The california startup zeroavia, which develops hydrogen-powered drive systems for aircraft, gets money from funds in a funding round, in which microsoft co-primer bill gates and amazon boss jeff bezos are involved. 21.4 million us dollars had come together in a round of financing, involved in the gates ‘breakthrough energy ventures and bezos’ amazon climate pledge fund, it is in a message.

Zeroavia also entered into a partnership with british airways and received a permit for a new funding by the british government for a new funding by another $ 16.3 million, shared the startup with. Thus, since its existence, almost 50 million us dollars investments have been collected.

20 seats, 800 kilometers

Zeroavia wants to launch from 2023 drive strange for jets with up to 20 seats and 800 kilometers reach reach. With the fresh money, the development work is accelerating, zeroavia shares with. Currently, ten airlines were interested in the technique of the company. By 2026, airplanes are to be scaled for 80 passengers and 800 kilometers and by 2030 for 100 passengers and 1600 kilometers range with hydrogen technology, is the goals.

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Eu commission: penalties for bosch and continental

Bosch and continental are designed to pay millions of translations for education illegal cartels. This divested eu competition commissar margrethe vestager on wednesday (21. February 2018) with. She also directed high courses against a cartel of shipping companies, the vehicles shipping. Overall, it requires more than half a billion euros and at the same time ordered further decisions: "we are not finished yet."The investigations because of the possible german car park are not yet completed.

After finding the eu commission, bosch was involved in three different cartels. Thus, the stuttgart group is said to have agreed with the two japanese competitors denso and ngk between the years 2000 and 2011 on the market for zundkandzen and also tailored prices. For this, the brussels authored a money pit of 76 million euros, almost 46 million against bosch.

Another 75 million euro money pit requires the competitive choods because bosch and hanoverian suppliers were discussed with continental at offers from brake systems for daimler, bmw and volkswagen. Of this, 44 million is at conti and about 31 million in bosch. The company trw received a possible penalty because it had revealed the case.

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France releases state accelerator for renault

France releases state accelerator for Renault

The french state makes the way for a loan of fun billion euros in favor of the carmaker renault free. Economic and finance minister bruno le maire wanted the state warranty to cheaply, shared his ministry on tuesday (2. June 2020) in paris with. The manufacturer in financial difficulties had the degradation of around 15 last week.000 jobs worldwide and wants to reduce their fixed costs in the coming three years by more than two billion euros to escape a serious crisis.

Future plan over 2023 beyond

Le maire came together with representatives of renault, the unions as well as representatives. It was about the future of the gross plant mailewy in the north of the country. It should now be negotiated a future plan to secure production and procurement beyond 2023. In maubewegen near the border with belgium, a massive relocation of production is carried out. Renault launches a project to the works douai and maubewegen to investigate the creation of a competence center for electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles in northern france.

Macron had set conditions for the loan

The case is political delicate: prasident emmanuel macron had asked explicitly a week ago for the north franzosi works of maubewereuge and douai as a condition for the billions loan. According to renault, these two factories should become a center for electric cars and light commercial vehicles. The state is an important actor at renault with a 15 percent share.

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Gat: development of new particulate filters “well underway

The gat group is "well on the way" with the development of the new particulate reduction systems, according to the gladbeck-based company, which came under prere last year because of the poor performance of its afterburner particulate filters. According to the company, the new gat particulate filter systems are based on a completely new technology and have already successfully passed the first internal tests.

Gat therefore expects that product development, which is monitored by the german federal motor transport authority (kba), for the use areas vw. As soon as the general operating permit (abe) is available, the first new particle reduction systems can be delivered to the end customers in the course of march.

This development shows that the gat group not only supports the goodwill arrangement agreed between the manufacturers, the trade, the workshops and the authorities involved, but is also doing everything in its power to make the new products required for the replacement of the old filters concerned available as quickly as possible. In this respect, the management of the gat group regrets the recent miscommunication in connection with the replacement of the gat particle reduction systems affected by the cancellation at the end customers.

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Interactive ki card: over 700 ki start-ups from germany made visible

Interactive Ki Card: Over 700 KI start-ups from Germany made visible

The initiative ki park germany has published an interactive map that aims to create a look over ki applications of german start-ups. This can be found on 700 companies that use artificial intelligence. The initiative wants to give start-ups in contact between companies, start-ups, science and politics by making common ki projects easier to get along.

Users can select from different search options. For example, seeker logins like innovation or car. In addition, the possibility to filter finer, for example, according to application areas such as research and development, human resources or finance and controlling.

Reduce hotspots

In addition, the ki card provides information in which state most of the start-ups with ki applications are frolic or where ki clusters were created in the bundeslandel. Ki start-ups from the freelancer to 2.5 billion euros heavy unicorn are distributed over the entire federal territory, write the initiators. In addition, the card covers ki metropolitan areas, in berlin, about 202, the most start-ups are currently heap.

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Building money pyramids or a livable society?

Building money pyramids or a livable society?

The invisible pyramids of pecunia – part 2

We have compared in the first part our economy, which is directed by the financial power, with the egyptian culture, whose products we have visibly before us in museums. But the treasures of the tombs were useless for the people living at that time. In our time, too, work is being done at full speed to siphon off high values while exploiting all resources. The result in our global civilization, which we call pecunia, is a product as senseless as the tombs of the pharaohs, they are invisible money pyramids in private property.

The economy grows and rotates

If scientists have said in a study that the money supply is three times as coarse as the real values of the economy, then, with the slowness of scientific surveys, it may be by now that the money supply is four times as coarse. This surplus money has no countervalue in the real economy, because there is nothing left to buy for it, except financial papers.

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Satellite internet: oneweb saves 41.000 satellites

Satellite operator oneweb drastically reduces the expansion planner for its internet service. For the second expansion phase, the indian-british company plans to 47.844 satellites "only" 6.372 satellite. That’s a reduction by 41.112 satellites or 87 percent. The betrayal an application onewebs to the us regulatory worker fcc of by the past week.

Onweb represents his savings package as proof of his responsibility. Scientists had the enormous number of satellites, one day in 1.200 kilometers high had to circle, rejected. As many artificial sky, astronomy had difficult to influence. It would have been about the area surrounded satellite constellation at all.

The current first expansion stage is designed comparatively modest with 716 satellites. She was originally planned with 950 artificial earth trabants also a bit rough. After a russian rocket in december has brought 36 oneweb satellites into space for fast internet, there are now 110 satellites of the company. Although russia’s state space company roskosmos earned good money with the satellite starts, russia examines a ban on foreign satellite internet in its own country.

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Russia: supervisory persons lashed twitter

Russia: Supervisory persons lashed Twitter

The russian telecommunications supervision roskomnadsor has begun to enforce a throttling of twitter nationwide nationwide. With the step, the authority draws consequences from the accusation, the social network has not achieved thousands of illegal contributors even after repeated prompts.

That’s why you have now "matches seized to protect russian burgers from the influence of illegal content", shared roskomnadsor at this wednesday. But the throttling does not seem to be implemented at least everywhere, it is called for observers.

Thousands of slogan requests not implemented

Only last week, the communication supervisory persons had criticized that twitter since 2017 exactly 2.862 contribution with content did not loll, which are punishable in russia. Meanwhile, it is the beorde already almost 3200. Allegedly, the us group has been a total of 28.000 requests for the loose delivered, but twitter did not meet in any case. Roskomnadsor explains, in the contributing, minors to suicide were required, there is information about the use of custodians or it deals with child pornography. The youngest example is a call to the mass self-murder of teenagers.

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