Previously unknown hit squad kills iraqi governing council member

U.S. Taboo-breaking continues to provoke resistance – end of occupation not credible

What saddam’s hit squads failed to accomplish, an obscure hit squad calling itself the "arab resistance movement" called: the assassination of issedin salim, chairman of the iraqi governing council.

It is not yet clear how much coincidence was involved in the suicide bombing with a car full of explosives. Abdul sahra mohammed, who used the cover name "issedin salim" during his resistance to the hussein regime, happened to be in the last car of a convoy of cars waiting at a checkpoint to the green security zone in baghdad. A whole group of government council members were waiting at the checkpoint, including adnan patchachi and akhmed chalabi.

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Calm before the wustensturm

Although evidence is mounting that the anthrax attacks originated from a source in the u.S., the pentagon remains silent for strategic reasons

Biological weapons expert jan van aken could not believe his ears when he overheard a conversation in the hallway during the ongoing negotiations on the biological weapons convention in geneva. A member of the u.S. Delegation, speaking to a colleague, said she was convinced that the source of the sensational anthrax letters was in her own country. The person in charge of the german section of the sunshine project approached the person employed by the u.S. Military and received the same information. The mere fact that silica was added to the anthrax spores that were shipped indicates that the source was in the u.S., said the u.S. Government official, whose name is withheld to protect sources.

The silica crystal is used as a desiccant in biological laboratories. In bioweapons research, silica is mixed with dried anthrax spores to prevent a static charge of the poison powder. If this happens, the spores clump together and can no longer be inhaled

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Dostoyevsky in los angeles

Dostoevsky in los angeles

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Weak point heart: in "terminator 4" is once again a machine the most human

Machine man reloaded – six years after the end of the "terminator"-trilogy, one of the most intelligent and multifaceted myths of the younger pop culture, hollywood is attempting a reboot of the franchise: terminator 4: salvation ("t4") is to be the prelude to a new trilogy. The new trilogy will have to do (almost) completely without arnold schwarzenegger, who once was the heart of the films as a muscle man machine between lumbering style and self-irony, but who has mutated into a californian governor in the meantime.

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Scientist: climate change contributes to the heavy rain

Scientist: Climate change contributes to the heavy rain

After the long and heavy rainfall in the middle of the week, more and more catastrophic consequences occur: the number of dead growth, alone in rhineland-palatinate and north rhine-westphalia died over 100 people. Many houses rooted or are sub-puffed. The infrastructure is struck, some places do not work electricity or telephone. Bruchen have damaged the floods or torn. The science media center interviewed scientists about the connection with climate change.

"In 2021 no longer asks if climate change has helped. The question is just how much", stress carl-friedrich schleusner, group leader at the geographic institute of the humboldt university of berlin. "We know that due to the emphasis on an increase in heavy rainfall comes and thus unfortunately with more familiar, devastating flooding events as well as tragically now in west germany, belgium and luxembourg." at the same time weather conditions took to such events.

Probability increases

Attribute research konne now in many cases for heat and sharp rain, "that the likelihood for the occurrence of such events, as well as the intensity of such events, increase by climate change", says the swiss climatisist sebastian sippel. "Pro a degree celsius temperature increase can absorb the atmosphere about seven percent more moisture."

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British government wants to get serious about open government

In the next 12 months, citizens are to have access to a large amount of raw administrative data

Prior to their election in may 2010, both the tories and the liberal democrats had announced their intention to make administrative actions much more transparent for the british citizen. Now, prime minister david cameron wrote an open letter to his cabinet setting out a specific timetable for achieving this goal.

In the next 12 months, not only will detailed success and complaints data on doctors and hospitals be published, but also judicial data that provide information on the gender, age, ethnic affiliation and recidivism rate of convicts, traffic data from which conclusions can be drawn about the reliability of public transport, accident and traffic jam risks, the performance of schools in various subjects, as well as part of the expenditure of public authorities. The crime data from england and wales, linked to a map, which brought the government server to its knees with 18 million hits in one hour when it was published, will in future be supplemented with information on what the police are actually doing about it and what success these measures are having.

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Third generation of the mercedes sprinter

From the courier service on construction companies, the public service on the personal access to sanitar operation – during transporters it is always about maximum uses and low maintenance costs, because saved time is earned money. This makes the new sprinter more flexible in the variants in a complete conservative structure and, on the other hand, expands the possibilities for the communication functions.

The spectrum that covers the new mercedes sprinter could hardly be. Front, standard and four-wheel drive, two to 19 passengers, countless builds, bike poles and payloads offer prizes to almost unlimited inserts. With the versions box, tourer, flatbed, chassis, bus or driving head you get on more than 1700 different executions.

More payload and loading high with front drive

For the first time, the sprinter auber with rear wheel and four-wheel drive also with front drive, which lifts the payload by 50 kg and lowers the loading height by 80 mm. "A good vehicle alone is no longer enough. The new sprinter must therefore be more than the blob’s sum of its parts, "says mercedes commercial vehicle boss volker morhinweg," with a previously unmatched variety of variants, new networking services and a new telematics generation, he becomes a tailor-made overall system for various commercial transport and mobility requirements."

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