Flight simulator: free update for us scenery and us attending

Flight Simulator: Free update for US scenery and US attending

Microsoft has published a new world update for the flight simulator, which is more detailed in many regions of the united states than before. It appeared at the same time with the patch on version, which consumes almost 13 gb ssd storage alone. The world update itself weighs at the game marketplace weighs about 4 gb and is free of charge. It is after the japan update of september the now second, free update of the game scenery.

The world update usa uses numerous areas the high cards and maintain access to updated aerospace recordings. Microsoft has marked the respective places on a gross us map. Uberdies improves the update’s level of four airport (atlanta international, dallas / fort worth international, new york stewart international and friday harbor) and numerous attractions. Microsoft lists a total of 48 such points of interest, such as the washington monument, capitol and white house, the mount rushmore, fort knox, yosemite el capitan and half dome, alcatraz, the las vegas strip at night, the kennedy space center and pearl harbor.

Microsoft flight simulator: united states world update

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Privacy policy uber microsoft office 365

Privacy Policy Uber Microsoft Office 365

From the beginning, from the beginning, the data protection conference of the federation and lermen (dsk), which microsoft office 365 is currently not used to legally compliant, ensures for vortex: the state data protection officers of bavaria, baden-wurttemberg, hesse and saarland and the bavarian state office for privacy supervision, which is stated for microsoft germany, do not leave a good hair at the decision not helped by you.

It gives birth "significant data protection potential for improvement" in the package for burosoftware with word, excel and powerpoint, emphasize funf officers in a joint explanation of friday. For example, this once again demonstrates the judgment of the european court of justice (ecj) against the privacy shield, after which the transfer of personal data into the us based on the previously used legal instruments is no longer possible without further ado.

Overall rating "uniformly"

The group is therefore supported "in principle the objectives of the working group" the dsk to office 365, "insofar as it is approaches for data protection improvements in the product" formulate. But you could not share its overall rating, "because they fail to undifferentiated".

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Conflicts of interest for the new media giant

Aol-time warner latently supports now also the weapon industry

After the merger of aol and time warner, the announcement of another merger between aol-time warner and emi (which also owns a large part of the hmv chain) reveals new conflicts of interest for the emerging media giant.

Aol-time warner jerks with emi to the second-biggest music producer behind sony, but how aol in its on-line portal with the distribution of music is to advance, is still unclear. On the one hand mp3 and several streamingverfahren place themselves by the many different co-operation partners into the way, on the other hand it does not make itself also after own opinion well, if in the aol tv only one tv or film offerer were merged. Aol also has partners like cnn or bloomberg tv among them.

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