Experience for the senses? Logit reisen new in-ear headhorter furs business

Experience for the senses? Logit Reisen New In-Ear Headhorter FURS Business

Logitech launches two new earbud models for business customers: zone true wireless bluetooth and zone wired earbuds are intended to fuel a marketplace with a spagger of appealing design and certified sound. Logitech calls for a proud price for this.

The focus of the manufacturer is on the wireless zone true wireless earbuds. A low-prere microphone and noice canceling (anc) should ensure that employees are also well understood in larmintensive environments in mobile work in videocalls.

Experience for the senses? Logit Reisen New In-Ear Headhorter FURS Business

Logitech zone true wireless in the loading case

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Nsa patent for echelon?

Method for automatic thematic search of texts

The american secret service is still silent about the existence of echelon, even though the director of the australian secret service has already admitted its existence and now the american congress demands a report about echelon. Moreover, a patent granted to the nsa in august may now provide an indication of the characteristics of the global eavesdropping system.

Although filed in 1997, the patent, number 5,937,422, was not ied until 10 february 2009. August 1999 published. The u.S. Patent office keeps all patent applications under lock and key until the patent is granted. The nsa patent describes a method of searching text, which may have been transcribed from spoken language by a machine, for specific topics, making it better than a keyword search. As areas of application u.A. Called: voice-controlled interface with a computer, for example, to search for information in a database, natural language processing, post-processing to improve machine speech recognition, or automatic translation.

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Comet overlooked

In the data of the soho solar probe, a comet has now been discovered that no one had seen when it was close to earth

The impact of comet shoemaker-levy-9 on jupiter nearly six years ago has raised awareness of the danger posed to earth by similar impacts. Since then, several initiatives have been launched to identify celestial bodies that could pose a threat to earth. But these observation programs are still far from being able to cover all near-earth objects. Scientists of the finnish meteorological institute and the service d’aeronomie in france could now prove that in 1997 a comet was overlooked, although it must have been comparatively bright.

Comet overlooked

Impact of comet shoemaker-levy-9 on jupiter

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Club of anonymous opinion makers

A study proves how the ndr production "sabine christiansen" systematically influencing the reform debate

Did it take sabine christiansen ten years to become aware of the danger she warned us about so often?? "Unions, civil servants, politicians – who blocks the country?"At that time, she had tentatively asked, "how much social justice can we still afford??"The closer we came to the abyss, the more urgent their questions became: "will germany remain at the bottom of the league??"Eichel at the end?", "government at a loss." it all did not use. Germany is lost, christiansen throws in the towel. Will heiben: she moves her center of life abroad, as she loved to declare in mid-june.

In time for the journalist’s orderly departure – she will continue to host the show until she is replaced by gunther jauch next summer – the demystification of the tv oracle is beginning. From january 2005 to june 2006, heidi klein and ulrich muller of the organization lobbycontrol (initiative for transparency and democracy) followed the most successful german talk show, with an average of five million viewers. The result of the study "schaubuhne fur die einflussreichen und meinungsmacher – der neoliberal gepragte reformdiskurs bei `sabine christiansen" is sobering. The predictions of germany’s demise were manipulated, say the authors. In fact, germany is not doing as badly as an illustrious circle of selected "experts" would have us believe on sundays.

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Elephant numbers from space

Elephant numbers from space

Scientists of the university of oxford and bath have successfully used deep learning successfully with colleagues from twente to capture elephants in their natural environment on satellite images. The software could pay the animals with an accuracy equal or coarse than the human experts. For nature conservant, this is an important step in monitoring populations of hazardous species.

So far, the population of african elephants is usually determined by the evaluation of aerial photography with aircraft or drones. However, this method is made of several groups very mistaken, write isla duorge and her colleagues in the journal remote sensing in ecology and conversation. For on the one hand, from time-consuming and costly not the entire area to be observed, but only a part to increase the paid animals. On the other hand, there are always duplications – human experts also made mistakes.

Well hidden dickhauter

As a matter of principle, with satellite images, a lot of large areas can be monitored. The transmission of established methods for image processing on satellite images, however, has been promoted in a targeted for several years – for example for those inventive natural disasters. The observation of wild animals with the help of satellites has so far scanned optically simpler cases, such as whales in the sea, albatrosses or penguin colonies in the antarctic.

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Update fur videoeting service zoom: from a camera make three


As smart gallery, the videometing service zoom refers to a new function for its rooms. The latter is the conference room software for video calls. The application can now cut out different persons from a reception and represent as independent transmissions. This works at first with up to three participants and the hardware of neat and poly. End of the year follow logitech and dten d7, further support should follow. At the start is the smart gallery in a public beta phase.

The latter also applies to the native voice commands for zoom: with them, conferences in rooms can now be controlled. The commands process the software according to the improvement of the function completely locally. Furthermore, rooms users can now respond to chat messages and they also receive more control options for webinars.

Update also for admins

Administrators can see and manage the complete zoom hardware – phone appliances, rooms geratas and digital signage hardware – at a central location. With a conference room connector (crc), zoom telephones can now be added to a conference room.

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Numbers, please: the fipping errors

Numbers, please: the fipping errors

Round? Pfff. Today 61 years ago, the physicist richard feynman held his famous lecture "there’s plenty of room at the bottom". In the area of miniaturization, nanotechnology, feynman saw a basis for technical progress. The smaller one thing was, the smaller the mistakes are also. A car that is built by a factor of 4000 reduced can still tolerate an error in the magnitude of 10 atoms, so feynman.

But sometimes little mistakes have gross effects. It is reminiscent of the most expensive typographical mistake of the world 15 years ago, which produced a damage from converted 300 million euros: a stock handler of mizuho securities sold instead of a share of j-com for the price of 610.000 yen mistakenly equal to 610.000 shares of the company for the price of 1 yen.

Fall asleep on the keyboard

Smaller fell out of an antiquity handler. He wanted at least 3000 marks for three raritats, but she put in his online shop for 3 marks for sale. The attempt to accuse the sum in court failed. Another magnitude had the error of a broker of bear stearns in october 2006. He wanted to sell shares worth four million us dollars, but set shares worth four billion for sale. The mistake was listed as securities worth 600 million dollars had already been sold.

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German government sticks to its president in venezuela

federal government holds on to its president in venezuela

In the parliamentary elections in venezuela on 6. December 2020.Image: minci.

Hardliners around self-proclaimed interim president guaido weakened after election of new parliament. Historically low turnout. Clear cracks in the eu

The parliamentary elections in venezuela, from which the ruling socialists emerged with a clear victory on sunday according to the official results, have had bizarre consequences not only in the country. With the national assembly, the pro-us and pro-intervention opposition finally loses its last and only institutional bastion. Self-proclaimed interim president juan guaido, after losing parliament – he boycotted the elections – now finds himself without legitimacy for his already impotent counter-government.

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Genetic food

Uk: labeling also in restaurants

Although tony blair staunchly defends genetic engineering, which has come under heavy fire in the uk, the british government is now not only introducing a ban on food made from genetically modified components of plants, which critics also call "genetically modified" "frankenstein food" not only must they be labeled in stores, as required by the eu directive, but restaurants and cafes must also inform customers when they offer something that contains genetically modified ingredients.

Those who do not comply can expect heavy fines. Local authorities to carry out inspections. Agriculture secretary jeff rooker said that this would allow consumers to decide for themselves, but he also ared that there would be no risk of consuming genetically modified foods, which are already available in stores and restaurants. So far, there has been no evidence of a health risk.

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Rock.chat: lucke allowed remote code execution through praparied news

Rocket.chat: Lucke allowed Remote Code Execution through Praparierte News

Administrators and private individuals, on their servers or client machines the chat platform rocket.Chat run, an update should be carried out promptly. The current server (and probably also desktop) versions concludes a safety chute, the attackers in the web-based chat for cross-site scripting attacks, but from the desktop app, however, could also abuse the export of any code from afar.

While the attack works only under certain conditions and requires a user interaction in the chat. In view of an existing detailed proof-of-concept description, the update is still advisable. Are hedged the server versions 3.4.3 and 3.5.0. The come from the end of july; however, the rocket has.Chat team users so far not pointed to the existing danger.

Exploit via predatory message

Details allow the explorers of the cheek in a blog entry to cve-2020-15926. Accordingly, an attacker first had to successfully with an existing account on a vulnerable rocket.Authenticate chat server. In the chat he can then news in the form

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