Boston’s facial recognition fails – in secret

After tampa, the facial recognition system at the boston airport also proves to be a sham. But what is only communicated to the public a year later

Admitting that one as "secure means against the war on terror" advertised technology does not promise what it was expected to do is not easy. As a result, negative results are sometimes kept to themselves – after all, one does not want to unsettle the population. When information is requested, it is necessary to come clean – as is the case now with the facial recognition systems at boston airport.

On 25.10.In 2001, a little more than a month after the "9/11", usa today announced it:

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The hunt for planets

Direct observation of extrasolar planets is not yet possible. But this could soon change

"So the only one is the sky, the immeasurable space. … In it are visible numerous stars, celestial bodies, globes, suns and earths … And countless others must reasonably be amed to exist. … We see only the suns, which are the coarser, even the roughest bodies, but not their earth bodies or planets, which, because their masses are much smaller, are invisible to us. … According to this, there is not one single world, one single earth, one single sun, but as many worlds as we see luminous sparks above us." this was not written by a contemporary astrophysicist as a plea for the existence of inhabitable worlds beyond our own solar system, but by giordano bruno in 1584 in his work de l’infinito, universo e mondi (on the infinite, the universe and the worlds).

Cosmic disks: hatcheries of planets

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Electrons surf the plasma wave

Will the particle accelerator of the future fit into a briefcase??

For 25 years, physicists searched for ways to make electrons ride waves in plasma. So far, the results have been sparse, but now several research groups are simultaneously presenting their breakthroughs in the scientific journal nature.

Independently of each other, stuart mangles of imperial college london, cameron geddes of lawrence berkeley national laboratory, jerome faure of france’s ecole polytechnique ensta-cnrs and colleagues from other institutes have succeeded in accelerating charged particles in plasma. Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter, which arises after the solid, the liquid and the gaseous state with increasing temperature. In the plasma, the components of the atoms, the electrons and nuclei, separate from each other.

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Toyota ft-86 ii: new study of the japan athlete

Toyota ft-86 ii: new study of the japan athlete

Koln, 14. Marz 2011 – since toyota in the fall of 2009 at the automesse in tokyo the design study ft-86 showed, traumas fans from a successor for the japanese sports car celica. Toyota is missing a real sports car. The celica has not been produced for years, too bad, even if he was last no seller. The at the geneva salon (3. To 13. Marz 2011) being subsequent study ft-86 ii could become a major success – it looks sleek and is technically a character actor. The name ft-86 declares as a composition of "future toyota" and the number 86, which should remember the corolla levin ae86.

Long than the subaru, but equal wheelbase

In 2009, toyota and subaru had agreed joint development of a sports car with rear wheel drive and boxer engine. The engine of subaru should come, the technology for the rear wheel drive of toyota. Even the iaa study showed these two elements. The car shown in frankfurt, however, was only 4.16 meters long. The geneva study now measures 4.24 meters. Also in geneva – but only in the stage of a raw construction – shown brother named "subaru rwd sports car" measures only 4.20 meters. The two flitzer are not identical. The wheelbase of 2.57 meters is the same.

Boxer for low center of gravity

The boxer motor should be rotatable and build compact. This coupled a six-speed circuit. This combination enhances the strain position due to its low center of gravity and at the same time contributes to the good performance weight, so toyota. Both the powertrain and the seats were specifically deeply and well positioned. This helps to a balanced axle load ratio and thus improves handling. The new toyota sports car should come to the market as that of subaru in 2012. The name of the car has not been communicated yet. Toyota press spokesman jurge proudly told us in february 2011, that the newcomer will not live celica.

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Missing link: like states the trap on the internet by law

Missing Link: Like States the trap on the Internet by law

Put the closure us more secure? Jein, my penal tributors in europe, whining over standard suspension and eife australia’s anti-slip law after. That it brings more security is not yet proven. A few sweaching side effects but you can already see.

Learn from australia?

Australia’s assistance and access act is currently high in the course of which, which also requires an anti-slip law for europe. But what experiences are there from down-under with the obligation for providers, prosecutors and intelligence services to provide collapsed data in plain text? The european union must "urgent" respond to the further dissemination of "trapping practices," wrote europe’s top anti-terrorist official, gilles de kerchove in a letter from network policy to the member states of the community. The better closing of terminates and data streams, the growing supply of mab-tailored shutter technology, the integration of sealing units across large platforms and not least the installation of trapping in the internet’s basic protocols to complicate access to criminal content if he is not almost impossible be made, so de kerchoves alarmistic message.

Developers and companies raises de kerchove in accordance with europol’s second report on developments – they were "unilaterally" to change their interaction practices, "without having to deal with criminal crescent and judicial care to address their concerns in a roll-out". Most of the solutions to bypass, wear, are expensive and cost-intensive and could only be used "for high quality goals". For de kerchove, it is therefore clear: "the time for the eu has come to act here," namely legislative.

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Vde study: the battery electric drive is the future

VDE study: The battery electric drive is the future

For passenger vehicles, the battery electric drive is the art alternative to the internal combustion engine. Of this, 27 opinion performers from politics and economics ied the electrical engineering and it association vde for his study published on friday to the drive portfolio of the future. As a reason, they call the already quite widespread distribution of electric cars, the good energy efficiency as well as the existing flat-covered electricity grid infrastructure.

The large challenge shows the experts in this area still in the construction and expansion of a demand-based charging infrastructure. Here you can expect capacitentsengzas at an increasing number of e vehicles. Dafur had to be created in the form of network expansion and intelligent load management.

"On the electric car no way passes"

To the politicians who participated in the survey, karl holmeier (csu), arno clear and falko mohrs from the spd, the liberal mario brandenburg and daniela kluckert, cem ozdemir and anna christmann from the grunen and johannes wieczorek from the federal ministry of transport. From the economy were managers and technicians of audi, bosch, hyundai, iveco, linde, electricity network hamburg and varta. There were representatives of research institutes such as the diw and business consultant.

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Gaming monitor raptor 27: razers first display in germany available

Gaming Monitor Raptor 27: Razers First display in Germany available

At the beginning of 2019 at the it trade fair ces presented and brought past autumn to us trade, now also available in germany: razer sells its first desktop monitor raptor 27.

The specifications of razers raptor 27 acknowledge those many other gaming displays: 2560 × 1440 pixels (wqhd) to 27 inch diagonal, ips technology, up to 144 hertz image repeat rate and a typical brightness of 400 cd / m². While most manufacturers set on panels from au optronics, razer apparently installs one of innolux. The display processes 10 bits per color channel (8-bit + frame rate control, frc) and covers the dci-p3 color space to 95 percent.

Using adaptive sync, graphics cards can dynamically adjust the refresh rate between 48 and 144 hertz. Amd’s freesync works on both displayport 1.4 and hdmi 2.0, nvidias g-sync compatible exclusively via displayport 1.4. A usb-c input takes a dp-1.4-signal and transfers data from the usb hub (twice 3.2 gene 1 type a with 5 gbit / s) to the pc.

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Professional book: “automotor design and technology”

Professional book: 'automotor design and technology'

In the emotional perception of automobiles, the design plays an important role. For the buyer, it is often the crucial purchase criterion, especially if the incident properties such as consumption, performance or chassis qualitats differ little.

Form follows function
what is less aware of many car ports: on automotive signers a high prere, because their designs should not only meet the taste of the customers, they also need to take technical requirements, of which there are far more than in early years. Properties such as aerodynamics, crash safety or fibruct protection set limits that no designer can be removed. The times have been passed by, in which one could shape a car to their heart’s content – usually the opposite is the case: in many cases, the automotive developers try to design an automobile "from the outside", dictated by technical requirements and value.

The daily work of the designer
"automotype design and technology" shows that design and construction canceled and a car can only be created in cooperation between designers and engineers. The publishers hans-hermann braess and ulrich seiffert, both of them from engineers, have compiled contributions from various authors, including designers like chris bangle and giorgetto giugiaro. They deal with milestones of the above 120-year-old automotive history, with basic questions of design and technology as well as the meaning of the design for the customer. In the second chapter, the designers come gross automakers have their say. You tell it from their daily work and the requirements for the design of a vehicle. A final chapter deepened sub-areas such as aerodynamics and ergonomics, colors, glazing and lighting or computer-aided design methods.

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How to help robot in times of corona pandemic

How to help robot in times of corona pandemic

The international conference on robotics and automation (icra) was already one of the largest conferences on robotics worldwide. However, the annual event, which was officially opened on sunday, was able to evaluate the past years again: from the "longste and probably best visited scientific robotics conference of all time" speak the organizers in a message.

Virtual robotic conference

Originally, the icra had to take place in paris, where about 4.000 visitors was expected. The covid-19 pandemic has prevented that, so that the participants have to organize their exchange of ideas over the internet now. Because this requires more time than in personal encounters, the conference was destroyed by originally five days to several months, as program chair wolfram burgard is coming in an interview. Press spokesman christian duriez explained that within a week already more than 4.300 participants had registered.

About 1.600 studies are presented on the icra, most of the form of video recordings that remain available at least at least late august. There are live events, including a fulle of fulle of workshops, of which the first took place on sunday, as well as plenary forwards and keynotes.

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Dicker’s all-purpose block

Dicker's all-purpose block

Koln, 23. October 2014 – the new drive-e motor series should associate with volvo by downsizing effects increased performance with efficiency. All aggregates have four cylinders and two liters of displacement. They are based – no matter which burning process – on a common, identical aluminum engine block and many shares. We were able to drive the v40 d4 with the new drive-e-self-toe.

With the new two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, the volvo v40 is as a t5 variant. The top model marks with 245 hp the power top in the v40. Now the compact volvo has received the general purpose block as a self-cord. He comes with turbocharging turbocharger on a capacity of 190 hp and 400 nm maximum torque. Force in the lower speed range brings a small, fast-reactive loader. Dam turns a coarse with a long breath. Further peculiarity: instead of a single print feeler in the fuel line, every injection duse over its own sensor.

The v40 comes with his kilos quite well

The effect of the register recharge is considerable. In just 7.2 seconds, the v40 d4 exceeds the 100 km / h brand, at 230 km / h is corrected. Gluck socks also generates the acceleration of the new eight-speed transformer automatic transmission of the japanese-american supplier aisin, which eliminates quickly and precise the right driving steps. So you are always on the low speed and pleasantly quiet in normal driving style. For sporty gait, the transmission lets the engine up up to 5000 / min, including energetic rushors. Volvo gives a consumption of 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers for the new combination. We reached 5.8 liters according to a manner of the driving technique. After 100 fleet motorway kilometers with high-speed deposits, it was just 7.4 liters.

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