Man as a tourist

Wanderlust-driven brainwashing and narrative tickets to emancipation: the colonization of reality by tourism and the strategic dimensions of travel

Tourist operators like to advertise that they leave no wish unfulfilled. In fact, the travel cosmos today leaves no stone unturned to fill every millimeter of our lives with meaning. What can be said with regard to the distant world also applies to our everyday life in the here and now: tourism is everywhere. But what is so astonishing about it? Basically nothing. Tourism is the second biggest industry in the world after the automotive industry. But the point is: we too often forget this and with it the fact that we are significantly shaped by tourism. So it is time to be aware of this and to focus on the strategic dimensions of travel.

Man as tourist

Man as tourist: bathing enthusiast on the costa del sol. Image: greenpeace

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Three versions at the ego life

Ego mobile ag has released detailed technical information and prices for battery-electric small car life. Unlike so far, it will not give two, but even three versions.

The entry comes in the life 20 with 14.9 kwh battery capacity, 20 kw (27 hp) engine performance and a range of 136 kilometers (nefz). Ego mobile gives additionally and probably overlooking the since 1. September credited stricter measuring cycle wltp a range in "real city business" of 104 km. The base price amounts to 15.900 euros. This can be deducted on the foreseeable future the state priority program of 4000 euros.

More range offer the life 40 with 17.9 kwh battery capacity (from 17.400 euros) and the life 60 with 23.9 kwh (from 19.900 euros). In addition, a waste product of the larger batteries are increasing engine performance in which ego mobile differs between permanent and peak performance. So the life 40 can deliver up to 40 kw (permanently 24 kw) and the life 60 up to 60 kw (permanently 32 kw).

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Art through the web is art of the now

Why make any effort to see something now when it will be there for a long time??

There are many people who live their whole lives in new york city but never bother to visit the empire state building, the statue of liberty or the permanent collection of the museum of modern art. These sights will always be there, so why make any special effort to see them right now – whenever right now may be?

As travel times around the world decrease, we can look forward to a time when the whole world will be like new york, when every possible sight will be so close and convenient there is no particular reason to give it more than a passing glance right now, when any looking at all at anything permanent can always be put off into the future. As the title of this journal, telepolis suggests, that is the very city into which, by means of the internet we are now moving. It is a city in which there is no time for the timeless.

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Princess tamara and the last front

princess tamara and the last front

About the new utility value of the analog dime novel in the internet age

The fact that media products survive on the media markets has something to do with the fact that they offer the readers something they want. Communication studies has described this under the so-called "uses-and gratification"-approach, which asks what the reader does with the medium and from what he or she derives his or her "reward" draws. In german, one can also say "gebrauchswert" for this complex and ask where the value comes from for which the reader is willing to pay 1.80 euros, for example, in the case of penny magazines. And one can ask why fewer and fewer people consider it necessary to read the daily newspaper.

The trivial runs like a wide stream through (media) history, the shallow and easy, the simple and comical, the dysentery and the superficial is the sought-after balm for the souls of the people "masses", i.E., the working class and other subaltern classes. In the 1950s, television spread into these working-class households at an almost insane speed, and the purchase of a cow cupboard, a washing machine or even a telephone ranked far behind the need for entertainment, experience and the world. A need that was parallel to the own limited world of the eight-hour day, the narrowness of the apartment and generally the often externally determined way of life. Class and media consumption were closely intertwined.

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Citizenship revocation or anti-social behavior courses?

British tories argue over how to deal with salafist extremists

According to british authorities, the terrorist group has "islamic state" (is) recruited at least 500 british citizens to work for them in iraq and syria. If these british citizens are not killed by the syrian army or kurdish militias, they pose a potential problem for the security of the remaining 64 million britons, because they can travel to their homeland and carry out terrorist attacks at any time.

The conservative home secretary theresa may responded to this problem by, among other things, announcing that she would require salafist extremists to attend courses against anti-social behavior – so-called asbos removals. After this proposal, she earned ridicule not only from the opposition labour faction, but also from parliamentarians from her own tory ranks.

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Rc3: phone by assange-friend muller magun obviously compromised by cia

RC3: Phone by Assange-friend Muller Magun obviously compromised by CIA

Andy muller maguhn, chaos computer clubs (ccc) speaker reported on sunday on the remote chaos communication congress (rc3) of massive improvement attempts by state intelligence services. That the cia was afterwards, is therefore obvious for him, when he discovered after a repair that his coiled communicating landline has been adhered to an integrated abortion module.

Professional "paranoia"

The hacker is sitting on the supervisory board of the wau-holland foundation and has several crucial wikileaks publication in their archive as the video made by chelsea manning video "collateral murder" secured from the iraq war. In recent years, he also visited several times the wikileaks-grunder julian assange in his asylum in the ecuadorian embassy and reported on the ccc congress over its local monitoring through the spanish company undercover global.

For some years, the signs had been broken down that he himself was even shaded off and shading at step and kicked, muller-maghn launched in his this year’s lecture. He is because of his professional "paranoia" very attentive to the receiving corresponding signals, the security expert stated. For example, he thought at first attacks on his mobile phone: this has suddenly "a lot of data" transfer and was often downgraded to 3g. This mobile communication generation is much simpler than about 4g or 5g.

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