Conflicts of interest for the new media giant

Aol-time warner latently supports now also the weapon industry

After the merger of aol and time warner, the announcement of another merger between aol-time warner and emi (which also owns a large part of the hmv chain) reveals new conflicts of interest for the emerging media giant.

Aol-time warner jerks with emi to the second-biggest music producer behind sony, but how aol in its on-line portal with the distribution of music is to advance, is still unclear. On the one hand mp3 and several streamingverfahren place themselves by the many different co-operation partners into the way, on the other hand it does not make itself also after own opinion well, if in the aol tv only one tv or film offerer were merged. Aol also has partners like cnn or bloomberg tv among them.

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“Space hero”: per reality tv to the international room station

A group of us producers has booked a flight to the international room station iss for the year 2023, which the winner or the winner of a planned competition should compete in reality tv. This reports the us media magazine deadline, citing the company space hero, which is behind the production of the same name. The first commercial passenger flight to the iss a few months ago, the possibility has opened them to implement a prepared idea for years. It should go around the big price that has ever been played in a tv program.

Realiyt tv for the whole world

Like deadline, space hero’s leaders are planning a reality tv show of the same name to fill the now booked place in a spaceship to the iss. The participants should therefore come from all over the world to be different origin and one "deep love for the exploration of space" share. They should train before the camera and master sports, mental and emotional challenges. The aim is therefore a concentrationally broadcast final at the same time, in which spectators can vote worldwide, who is allowed to fly to the iss. The start should then be transferred as well as the ten days on board with the remaining astro and cosmonauts.

The flight was booked accordingly at axiom, but against cnbc explained the company that is not yet fixed, with which spaceship it should go to the iss. Although spacex has already brought astronauts to iss and back, boeing is in the starting pages to create that as well. None of the companies involved in the planned series has publicly made how much the flight will cost, but cnbc has comparative values that would probably pay at least $ 50 million for the flight. For the stay on the iss, nasa was once again 350.Get 000 us dollars, so the news channel.

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Mercedes: bus with electric drive goes into series

Mercedes: bus with electric drive goes into series

Daimler expects that by 2030, about three quarters of all city buses in europe have an alternative drive. Now the consolidated bus division wants to test the first fully electric version of the bus "citaro" in a customer’s use in a few months. Cooperation partners dafur are the public transport companies rhein-neckar. At the end of the year, the electrical citaro should then go into production. It is built in the evobus plant mannheim, where he was developed.

"Daimler buses now concrete the age of the electric mobility," said bus boss hartmut schick on monday in stuttgart. Possible criticism that the group could have long been used, he had back. "We had clearly set our priorities: we bring our electric bus as possible as possible on the strain. But we do not do this overstream. He should be mature and powerful."

In addition, the use is more complex than at the city bus with internal combustion engine, such as gustav’s showers, developing the bus division, explains. "It is impossible to replace the internal combustion engine from today to tomorrow through a fully electric drive."On the other hand, the costs and the enrolled range of e-buses, the expensive power supply, also spoke, but also the necessary workshop rust. "E-mobilitat is called to think completely new with opnv with buses."

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Dicker’s all-purpose block

Dicker's all-purpose block

Koln, 23. October 2014 – the new drive-e motor series should associate with volvo by downsizing effects increased performance with efficiency. All aggregates have four cylinders and two liters of displacement. They are based – no matter which burning process – on a common, identical aluminum engine block and many shares. We were able to drive the v40 d4 with the new drive-e-self-toe.

With the new two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, the volvo v40 is as a t5 variant. The top model marks with 245 hp the power top in the v40. Now the compact volvo has received the general purpose block as a self-cord. He comes with turbocharging turbocharger on a capacity of 190 hp and 400 nm maximum torque. Force in the lower speed range brings a small, fast-reactive loader. Dam turns a coarse with a long breath. Further peculiarity: instead of a single print feeler in the fuel line, every injection duse over its own sensor.

The v40 comes with his kilos quite well

The effect of the register recharge is considerable. In just 7.2 seconds, the v40 d4 exceeds the 100 km / h brand, at 230 km / h is corrected. Gluck socks also generates the acceleration of the new eight-speed transformer automatic transmission of the japanese-american supplier aisin, which eliminates quickly and precise the right driving steps. So you are always on the low speed and pleasantly quiet in normal driving style. For sporty gait, the transmission lets the engine up up to 5000 / min, including energetic rushors. Volvo gives a consumption of 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers for the new combination. We reached 5.8 liters according to a manner of the driving technique. After 100 fleet motorway kilometers with high-speed deposits, it was just 7.4 liters.

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Rc3: phone by assange-friend muller magun obviously compromised by cia

RC3: Phone by Assange-friend Muller Magun obviously compromised by CIA

Andy muller maguhn, chaos computer clubs (ccc) speaker reported on sunday on the remote chaos communication congress (rc3) of massive improvement attempts by state intelligence services. That the cia was afterwards, is therefore obvious for him, when he discovered after a repair that his coiled communicating landline has been adhered to an integrated abortion module.

Professional "paranoia"

The hacker is sitting on the supervisory board of the wau-holland foundation and has several crucial wikileaks publication in their archive as the video made by chelsea manning video "collateral murder" secured from the iraq war. In recent years, he also visited several times the wikileaks-grunder julian assange in his asylum in the ecuadorian embassy and reported on the ccc congress over its local monitoring through the spanish company undercover global.

For some years, the signs had been broken down that he himself was even shaded off and shading at step and kicked, muller-maghn launched in his this year’s lecture. He is because of his professional "paranoia" very attentive to the receiving corresponding signals, the security expert stated. For example, he thought at first attacks on his mobile phone: this has suddenly "a lot of data" transfer and was often downgraded to 3g. This mobile communication generation is much simpler than about 4g or 5g.

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Toyota auris: toy-made offer in leipzig

Toyota auris: toy-made offer in leipzig

Koln, 24. Marz 2009 – in front of the start of sales at the end of april, toyota sends the overworked auris on the ami in leipzig (28. Marz to 5. April) over. For the compacts are new, economical drives and a new equipment line obvious.

1.33-liter gasoline replacing old 1.4

So far, there were compact cars with two petrolers, a 1.4 with 97 hp and a 1.6 with 124 hp. These aggregates are replaced by economical. New entry-level motor is the 101 horsepower of the yaris 101 hp thick 1,3-liter gasoline engine, the toyota – so that everyone realizes that it is a new aggregate ahdeln – preferred as 1.33-liter engine. The basic model consumes the variable valve control dual vvt-i and the new start-stop automatic according to toyota 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers. For comparison: the weaker 1.4-liter swallowed 6.9 liters, while the comparable vw golf 1.6 at 7.1 liters is still thirstier. More economical than the auris 1.33 is only the honda civic 1.4 with 100 hp with a standard consumption according to the manufacturer of 5.7 liters. The old 1.6-liter gasoline engine replaces toyota through a rough, but slightly strong aggregate with valvematic and 132 hp. The manufacturer does not share with the manufacturer.

1.4 liter gross new entry-level diesel

On the diesel side there has been a 2.0-liter with 126 hp and a 2.2-liter with 177 hp. These two engines now fulfill the exhaust standard euro 5 and should consume less – detailed information is still missing. New in the diesel palette is the 90 hp 1.4-liter self-condition that works already in the iq and yaris. In addition to the six-speed circuit, there is the multimode gear (mmt), an automated six stage manual transmission, which has been offered in accordance with the 1.6-liter gasoline. With the manual circuit, the new 1.4-liter diesel consumes according to toyota 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers, with mmt it is a tenthiter more.

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Funken flight on mars: ingenuity and perseverance now together

Funken flight on Mars: Ingenuity and Perseverance now together

The small nasa helicopter ingenuity is supposed to make his first flight on the day, after which he will not return to the starting point. Instead, he should fly more than 100 meters in that direction, which also succumbed to the rover perseverance and show to what extent he can help.

The helicopter has proved to be significantly more robust than hoped, the nasa engineer josh ravich is now looking forward to the blog entry in which he introduces the plan. For ingenuity, it will be the fun flight on mars. He had been postponed after the mission of the mission.

"Successful success"

Ingenuity was merely a technical demonstration and thus such a thorough success, as with the us space agency hb. First of all, he should only prove that an accessory in the much dunner atmosphere of the red planet can highlight and fly autonomously. For a direct control from the earth, the signal lives are far too long. After a small delay in the beginning, that then worked quite smoothly and ingenuity raised a total of four times. Thereafter, the nominal missionary time ran, but ingenuity’s mission has been demeaned. While the focus of the us space agency moves back to the protagonist perseverance, ingenuity is to accompany it and with its pictures from the high support.

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Three world cup special models of hyundai

Three world cup special models of hyundai

Neckarsulm, 12. Marz 2010 – from 11. June to 11. July 2010, the fubball world cup takes place in sudafrika. Around three months before the opening game, hyundai, once again, wants to reduce the rising fubball fever in sales successes with new special models from the i10, i20 and i30 with new special models of the i10, i20 and i30. The "fifa wm edition" based on the equipment line classic and offers a price advantage between 1560 and 2370 euros.

Small fubball flitzer

The i10 fifa wm edition is powered by a 67 hp 1.1-liter gasoline engine. As anle colors are red, woman, black and silver to choose from. The funturer offers series-mabig a cd radio with mp3 function and aux connection. Also ex works are foldable back seatrests as well as a central locking. The entry price for the smallest of the special models amounted to 8390 euros. For 1000 euros extra, an additional package can be ordered with air conditioning, electric windows, high-adjustable driver’s seat and a radio remote control for central locking. According to the manufacturer, the price advantage opposite a comparably equipped series model 2090 euros. Optionally, even for 1199 euros, a folding slash can be ordered.

I20 significantly favorable

Second model in the fifa wm edition is the small car i20. Under his hood, a 1.2-liter gasoline engine with 78 hp works. He is offered as a three- and funfturer. Funf colors are available: electric red, crystal white and the metallictone black diamond, sparkle blue and sleek silver. To serial circumference, six airbags, esp, abs and a brake assistant. In the dreamy variant, the special i20 is available from 9690 euros. The additional package with air conditioning, electric windows, radio remote control for central locking as well as turgels and outdoor mirrors in body color costs 1000 euro for the funf and 1200 euro for the threimorer. Compared to a comparable series model, the i20 fifa wm edition is up to 2090 euro favorable.

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