Update fur videoeting service zoom: from a camera make three


As smart gallery, the videometing service zoom refers to a new function for its rooms. The latter is the conference room software for video calls. The application can now cut out different persons from a reception and represent as independent transmissions. This works at first with up to three participants and the hardware of neat and poly. End of the year follow logitech and dten d7, further support should follow. At the start is the smart gallery in a public beta phase.

The latter also applies to the native voice commands for zoom: with them, conferences in rooms can now be controlled. The commands process the software according to the improvement of the function completely locally. Furthermore, rooms users can now respond to chat messages and they also receive more control options for webinars.

Update also for admins

Administrators can see and manage the complete zoom hardware – phone appliances, rooms geratas and digital signage hardware – at a central location. With a conference room connector (crc), zoom telephones can now be added to a conference room.

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Numbers, please: the fipping errors

Numbers, please: the fipping errors

Round? Pfff. Today 61 years ago, the physicist richard feynman held his famous lecture "there’s plenty of room at the bottom". In the area of miniaturization, nanotechnology, feynman saw a basis for technical progress. The smaller one thing was, the smaller the mistakes are also. A car that is built by a factor of 4000 reduced can still tolerate an error in the magnitude of 10 atoms, so feynman.

But sometimes little mistakes have gross effects. It is reminiscent of the most expensive typographical mistake of the world 15 years ago, which produced a damage from converted 300 million euros: a stock handler of mizuho securities sold instead of a share of j-com for the price of 610.000 yen mistakenly equal to 610.000 shares of the company for the price of 1 yen.

Fall asleep on the keyboard

Smaller fell out of an antiquity handler. He wanted at least 3000 marks for three raritats, but she put in his online shop for 3 marks for sale. The attempt to accuse the sum in court failed. Another magnitude had the error of a broker of bear stearns in october 2006. He wanted to sell shares worth four million us dollars, but set shares worth four billion for sale. The mistake was listed as securities worth 600 million dollars had already been sold.

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The hunt for planets

Direct observation of extrasolar planets is not yet possible. But this could soon change

"So the only one is the sky, the immeasurable space. … In it are visible numerous stars, celestial bodies, globes, suns and earths … And countless others must reasonably be amed to exist. … We see only the suns, which are the coarser, even the roughest bodies, but not their earth bodies or planets, which, because their masses are much smaller, are invisible to us. … According to this, there is not one single world, one single earth, one single sun, but as many worlds as we see luminous sparks above us." this was not written by a contemporary astrophysicist as a plea for the existence of inhabitable worlds beyond our own solar system, but by giordano bruno in 1584 in his work de l’infinito, universo e mondi (on the infinite, the universe and the worlds).

Cosmic disks: hatcheries of planets

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German government sticks to its president in venezuela

federal government holds on to its president in venezuela

In the parliamentary elections in venezuela on 6. December 2020.Image: minci.

Hardliners around self-proclaimed interim president guaido weakened after election of new parliament. Historically low turnout. Clear cracks in the eu

The parliamentary elections in venezuela, from which the ruling socialists emerged with a clear victory on sunday according to the official results, have had bizarre consequences not only in the country. With the national assembly, the pro-us and pro-intervention opposition finally loses its last and only institutional bastion. Self-proclaimed interim president juan guaido, after losing parliament – he boycotted the elections – now finds himself without legitimacy for his already impotent counter-government.

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One month corona warning app: so far, the effect remains

One month Corona warning app: So far, the effect remains

Just over a month, the federal government introduced the corona warn app, which in this country is the outbreak of the virus sars-cov-2 in this country. The app has since been installed at just under 16 million.

Whether the app works as it should, is still unclear. Notes on a significant influence of the app on the course of the sars cov-2 epidemic in germany does not exist in any case. Nevertheless, politicians and the app robert koch institut (rki) of the confederation are satisfied.

A "successful start"

The rki celebrates one "successful start, which for a rough interest and acceptance in the population" speak. And even the developers of the app showed themselves against the day’s show satisfied: "we were the most successful launch in the german app store, which has ever given it." despite this first triumph spreading the app is still far from where they had to tangible achievements to show his, when pandemiebekampfung.

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Firefox 87: come http referrer and search display in the scroll bar

Firefox 87: Come HTTP Referrer and Search Display in the scroll bar

A new firefox version has been published. And with this again a few new functions. Thus, the browsing in private mode should now lead to less mistakes. Firefox 87 calls the collection of dafur for the fraction and responsible replacement scripts smartblock.

In addition, the privacy should be protected by the standard trimming of the http refresher. The browser protects the path and query string information so that web pages can not provide user data from praise. Firefox can wear the referrer for a long time – however, the user has to select manually. Also with apple’s safari referrers are generally tangled for side-mounted inquiries.

Hits in the scroll bar, voiceover and more

The search on a web page does not show even colors now only marks the hits in a text, but also the respective places in the scroll bar. Accordingly, it can be seen if a hit often occurs and jump to the respective places particularly quickly.

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Genetic food

Uk: labeling also in restaurants

Although tony blair staunchly defends genetic engineering, which has come under heavy fire in the uk, the british government is now not only introducing a ban on food made from genetically modified components of plants, which critics also call "genetically modified" "frankenstein food" not only must they be labeled in stores, as required by the eu directive, but restaurants and cafes must also inform customers when they offer something that contains genetically modified ingredients.

Those who do not comply can expect heavy fines. Local authorities to carry out inspections. Agriculture secretary jeff rooker said that this would allow consumers to decide for themselves, but he also ared that there would be no risk of consuming genetically modified foods, which are already available in stores and restaurants. So far, there has been no evidence of a health risk.

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Rock.chat: lucke allowed remote code execution through praparied news

Rocket.chat: Lucke allowed Remote Code Execution through Praparierte News

Administrators and private individuals, on their servers or client machines the chat platform rocket.Chat run, an update should be carried out promptly. The current server (and probably also desktop) versions concludes a safety chute, the attackers in the web-based chat for cross-site scripting attacks, but from the desktop app, however, could also abuse the export of any code from afar.

While the attack works only under certain conditions and requires a user interaction in the chat. In view of an existing detailed proof-of-concept description, the update is still advisable. Are hedged the server versions 3.4.3 and 3.5.0. The come from the end of july; however, the rocket has.Chat team users so far not pointed to the existing danger.

Exploit via predatory message

Details allow the explorers of the cheek in a blog entry to cve-2020-15926. Accordingly, an attacker first had to successfully with an existing account on a vulnerable rocket.Authenticate chat server. In the chat he can then news in the form

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Expert: car makers have high gains also owe for fires

Expert: Car makers have high gains also owe for fires

The german carmakers have to centrally assigned billions gains after the expert view of the corona crisis, the german corona crisis. In the previous year, most companies had reacted with a staff reduction or strict setting stop at the time-way failure in the autosector, said industry expert stefan reindl of the german press agency.

Pufful operating profits thanks to more effective "maw"

"Almost all corporations have implemented savings models, which have also become relatively effective", says reindl, who leads the institute for automotive industry in geislingen. The effectiveness of these maws can now be seen in a phase in which the market again clearly attracts: although the industry currently has to fight with a semiconductor certificate, the profits are about vw and daimler surprisingly high.

Volkswagen had recently reported a revival company profit of around 11 billion euros for the first half of the year, daimler had a surplus of 5.2 billion euros in the second quarter between april and june on market expectations. Data on the net profit should still be published.

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Eu favors rules for typzule

Conventions as with the exhaust gas scandal, the eu wants to stop artificially with sharp coordination rules for new car models and high buffets. Member states agreed on thursday (7. December 2017) with the european parliament on new regulations for the type-approval, which will be duty from the year 2020. For the first time, the eu commission can then look directly to the fingers, start back calls, and at rule-proof bubbanks of up to 30.Handled 000 euros per auto. Consumer protections welcomed the.

In the exhaust affare, it was flown that some car models on the prowl of manipulative software was attributable to pollutant limits, but not in normal strain traffic. The scandal has shown the weakness of the system – and that will now be fixed, explained industrial commissarin elzbieta bienkowska: "we know that some car manufacturers have cheated and many other loopholes have exploited. To finish this, we will overtake the entire system."

So far, national resistances in the eu countries of the eu are state-of-the-art car manufacturers to certify that a new model is all the technical specifications stopped and approved for traffic. In germany it is the motor trip federal office. According to the eu commission, the new rules should secure the independence of these places. However, the commission may check the resistances. In germany, there is also a debate to involve other institutions such as the umweltbundesamt stronger.

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